AT&T to give over 200,000 employees $1000 bonus due to tax cut

According to a story on WAFF 48 AT&T is planning to offer some 200,000+ employees nationwide a $1,000.00 bonus if the Republican Tax Plan passes as it's written.  Specifically the offer is being made, according to AT&T officials, due to the reduction in corporate tax rates from 35% down to 21%.  Additionally AT&T officials said that they would be hiring many more if the tax cuts were implemented.   

I wonder if the Tax Bill does pass and AT&T makes good on their offer to give the $1,000.00 bonus if the good Democratic employees will refuse their bonus?   Republicans say that the lower tax rates will stimulate business and will mean more jobs and more money to most all tax paying citizens.  Democrats say it's only for big business and that the middle class won't see any benefits.  I think it will take time to know for sure but if I was going to make a wager I'd wager that any tax reductions will benefit workers and those looking for employment and further I'd wager Democrats are scared to death that the Republican tax cuts will show great benefits to the economy so they don't want anything that would benefit the Republicans even if it meant that the whole nation would benefit also.  If true that's sad.

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SirWasabi posted:

The bonuses turn out to be part of a new union deal, signed last week. Nothing to do with the tax breaks for the Republican donors.

You might have researched that a little better. The bonus is reported to be in addition to the union negotiated bonus:

 AT&T told CNBC the bonuses announced on Wednesday are above and beyond any existing agreements, which means some workers would get two $1,000 allocations: One with a new contract, and one when the tax reform bill is signed.

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