With the new hire of Nick Saban, the Auburn faithful are not getting as much attention or respect as they would like. They will do anything to get AUBURN in the news:


Muscle Shoals police
· Theft: An Auburn shirt and two pairs of Auburn pants were taken from a business in the 500 block of Avalon Avenue.


or maybe if they would just finish school and get a job this wouldn't happen.

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Why don't you find something else to do? Just like a bammer fan to try to find something to harp on Auburn about. I hope you people don't think we are concerned about Nick Saban. Tubby beat him when he was at LSU (with much more talent than he will EVER bring to bammer) and he will beat him when he is at bammer.

War Eagle!!
Why even waste your time posting such trivial information AS IF it were related to Auburn University? This is neither relevant nor funny.
Even after the homerun hire of Saban, you don't have anything better to come up with to talk trash? We'll see how good Bammers' "savior" is next November....

In the meantime, try to be more creative in your future attempts to bash the current dominant college football program in the State.

I told myself I would never post anything, and I really can't believe that with war and politics and other issues so important, I choose this, but I really can't believe you guys are so defensive over a little joke...
Come on, yea, save your attempts to comfort yourself about next season for the sports forum!
In the meantime, try to be more creative in your future attempts to bash the current dominant college football program in the State.

They didn't say anything about UNA.
Hilarious!!! I think I saw the guy who stole those clothes. He was on work detail. Cox Creek Parkway I believe. Hair cut, straight across the front over the unibrow, flowbee cut over the ears, and the rest hanging down the back around the beltline.
Defensive? Nah. I just wanted to point out what a lame joke it was....

Alphonse, now THAT was funny!

Here's a good one:

How many UAT fans does it take to change a lightbulb?
Just one, but it takes a room full of others to sit around and talk about how the BEAR would have done it.

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why would anyone want the clothes in the first place, unless to wipe their *** with it.
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Corndog. Do you have more than an 8th Grade education? You are obviously either a true, legitimate 13 or 14 year old or not educated past the 8th grade after that lame joke. It's not like we haven't heard that one before.
Everyone knows that Bama fans are sore losers. It has been so long for them to come up with a good slogan for a shirt that no one buys them anyway. That is the reason no one is stealing them,they cannot even give them away.
Kontan, It is very thoughtful of you to share pictures of your family reunion. Your sister looks like a real party girl. On the other hand your mom looks like a sour grape.
i'm not slipping away from anything. i just think its funny that alabama fans think that just b'cause saban is there that they are going to beat us this year. no one knows to be honest with you. no one will know until november 2007 who wins. i pull for bama when they are playing but when it comes to the rival game i'm die hard auburn. they are both in alabama and any team that can make our state look good, more power to them. i just wish ppl would realize its just a game and not a political situation

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