Most posters, especially the newer ones, choose their avatar from those provided by the TD. Currently we have two newbies and an older member all using the same Frederic Remington type avatar. Also, previously there have been at least two instances of members accusing others of stealing their avatars.

Is is possible to delete an avatar from the TD list while it is being used by someone else?
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I hate my avatar, but it was one of the few that was left, some people looks at it and thinks I like to gamble, but I don't. I have never gamble not now nor ever, I have lied to a lot of people I have never been to Tunica not now, nor ever.
You can upload a pic or use one from your own files as your avatar as well. A good website for pics is photobucket.
I wanted to clarify something for the mods and anyone else that is reading, since I had received a PM about it. The two instances I referred to were both certainly a prank, one a malicious one and the other one perpetrated by (I think) a friend of mine (and it was hilarious). I know even a custom avatar can be copied once it's on here, and has been. It's simply that if the avartar in use is removed from the list, it won't be used innocently.
When you sign in here ,go to your personal zone , click edit ,,then the avatars will come up ,,you can pic one of them or use your own pic . Wink
Thanks FirenzeVeritas, Macey08 & tnt5862! I'm new to the forum & I still haven't figured everything out quite yet. Thanks for the pointers! I know I had the same avatar as someone else, but I didn't know how exactly to change it.
I know, somebody weezed my avatar (not technically I guess as it is public property) and now everytime I see it I think i'm going crazy because i don't remember posting on the thread. It takes me a sec to realize it's not me. Smiler

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