Does anyone know of a good classical ballet school/teacher in the Shoals? We'll be moving back home soon and I'm looking for good teachers & etc. for my kids' activites. I've seen a couple in the yellow pages but really don't have any info about them except their names and phone numbers. Also, is there anything close to a ballet company (professional/pre-professional) in the Shoals? I know there is a Symphony group and wondered if anyone had ever thought of starting a ballet co. as the two would go great together.
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Thanks, Smart Chick,

I will check these schools out. And if you think recital costumes are expensive, I won't even tell you about the 1-2 pairs of $70 pointe shoes that we run through each month! Why, oh, why couldn't she have loved soccer or gymnastics or table tennis or quiet walks through the woods? Smiler
There is no ballet company in the Shoals area as past attempts at collaborations didn't work out.
I would say that for classical ballet, Shoals Dance Academy, owned by Vicky Pace, is best as far as technique and creative choreography. Second would be Tara Rodi School of the Dance. In the past, Laura's had trouble keeping a ballet teacher around and always seemed more focused on jazz, modern, and tumbling. Good luck!
My opinion would be that all local theatre is great! We have a lot of quality theatre people in the area on both sides of the river. Zodiac, Center Stage, Gingerbread, Time Out Theater, etc, etc. And you can't leave out Alabama's official outdoor production, The Miracle Worker at Ivy Green. Also, Florence High has a great drama program. There's certainly a lot being offered and all it takes is getting involved.

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