Baltimore--A dad and lad experience

"It kinda touched my spirit," Buck Jr. says. "There's good in these young men and women, and I was able to experience that just for a moment with my son."



Yes, sniff sniff. So much good in these youngsters. They were just coming back from volunteering their time to help the elderly and reading to kids at the library when he asked them to pose. It helps that the dad and kid were black. Had they been white it's very possible someone would have snapped a pic of them being beaten or having rocks thrown at them.




One of those good kids in action.


Blacks have been reduced to "rock throwers" by racist supremacists who have stolen their pride and very souls from them.


It was horrible that Freddie Grays near lifeless body was dragged like a stick of wood and thrown into a paddy wagon for thrill of a handful of police and for the entertainment of white supremacists.


Karma will get you.

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