I have looked online for some type of connection but the only thing I come up with is some stupid email that went around about choosing a world leader (a story that compared FDR, Churchill and Hitler) and a story supposedly about Beethoven's mother. Other than that, nothing!
They were both homeschooled for a time.

Did Ludwing van Beethoven go to high school?

There were no "high schools" per se in Beethoven's time. Most children were home schooled or in later years studied at a conservatory or university.
from http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Did_...en_go_to_high_school

This is a small tribute to the famous FDR....

He attended the Grotan boarding school after about eight years of being home schooled.
from http://socyberty.com/history/f...resident-and-person/

I've wondered about the billboards, too. We homeschool and I thought about that angle. But Dark is right, I'm sure, about the sponsorship and purpose.
Originally posted by DarkAngel:
They are referencing that these men both had disabilities yet accomplished huge achievements.

I believe they are sponsored by Americans with Disabilities.

Helen Keller didn't do too badly for accomplishments in the face of disabilities.

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