Kaitlin. I have an Alex Jones T shirt on and a person I have known for years came up and said I should be ashamed as the T shirt is like wearing a confederate flag. He said right out that Alex is a racist white supremacist. When asked if he had ever once seen Alex's show he stated "Hell no.
Why would I?" His primary source of 'news, is NPR and mainstream TV.
Can you say brainwashing?




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racist may be the most over used word.   Although White supremacist, white national are close behind.   who is the most attacked group now? yep white males.  especially old white males.  If it wasn't so serious I would laugh at the same people that are upset about labeling people are labeling people.

The white hate, mostly senior male, was started so the public would
be familiar with what was to come. When Qbuma was elected the fix
was in, all to do now is set everything up and wait for the Beast.
The next thing they didn't plan for was a Helda collapse along with the
the dossier insurance policy that wasn't successful that's when it hit the
MSM, DNC and deep state hit shark frenzy in turn infecting the brown
shirts, Helda's zombies and the Alinsky congress.
Once they had started they knew theit was no turning back. it's either
kill or go to prison. It's like Schiff said, "I'd rather be guilty of treason
than life in prison."
So just what are they all so scared of being known in a Federal court..??

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