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I've eaten Catfish at a few places around Florence but I'm wondering where people feel that the best Catfish is found.  I usually go for the boneless filets but know that many places offer both the filets and the whole catfish as well.  If you wish to skip my additional comments and just concerned about what I'm asking the group for just skip to the bolded and underlined text below.

I, myself, prefer Swamp John's at least for the taste and the value you get.  At least to this point and while I have tried, and like Newburns, there is quite a price difference for what you get paying at least $14 at Newburns for what you get at Swamp John's for less than $10.  The worst catfish I have had, in this area, without a doubt came from Cracker Barrel and was so hideous that I had to give it back to them and ask for something else.  I've also tried the fish at Homeside (Old Huntsville Rd location) and while it was the whole catfish it was alright but I detested the boneless filets that they served for they were neither catfish nor was they from the US but they were an Asian fish imported and served along with the whole catfish where they offer an All You can eat special on Fridays. 

When they were in business I really liked the catfish that they had at Outpost 72, out Killen, but they have been gone for a long time now and I'd love to try some other places if there are any recommendations.

Other than Catfish and if speaking about seafood I mentioned Cracker Barrel earlier as having the worst Catfish in the area and I stand by that statement, at least for myself, but on Fridays they do offer a Cod Fish Special which I believe is well worth ordering and is some of the best tasting Cod fish you can find served in the area.  I can't remember if Captain D's serves Cod Fish or if it's Pollock and I also like Red Lobster for seafood.  Another very good restaurant for seafood is actually George's Steakhouse.  Some may find it a bit high priced but I think it's fairly in line with Red Lobster and others offering similar dishes.  The Shrimp plate at George's is around $24 where the Seafood platter with a mix of Shrimp, Oysters, Crab Cake, and Red Snapper runs around $25.  Georges is one of the few places where you can find and order Gulf Red Snapper and Red Snapper is one of my personal favorite types of Fish. 

If it's Gulf Seafood, though, that interest you I think that Wintzell's Oyster House comes close as you will find but Wintzell's closed their Decatur store and now I hear that they have closed their Huntsville location which means that Guntersville is the closest one to the Shoals.

Okay that's a lot to say (maybe too much) for a post where I'm just asking for your contribution as to what places in the Shoals area you recommend for Catfish.  Thanks anyway if you read this far.  For those that have read my post before know that food is one of my passions and I hate to admit that I love it far too much.  I'm glad, and fortunate, I have a wife that is a great cook and although I (we) do eat out a lot I enjoy cooking (with her) at home also and to reiterate from other topics post I am normal weight and don't weigh an abnormal amount.  I guess I owe that to having Crohn's disease which has kept me thin, most of my life, while I do eat more than I should.

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It seems to me that all the fish you have mentioned is fried? While I do eat fried fish on occasion, I prefer it be cooked in a different manner.

 Preston's restaurant in Lexington and Leoma has a good fried catfish, but my favorite there is the blackened catfish filets.

 You did mention Captain D's, When I go there I always get the broiled salmon, I usually get it on the salad though they don't have my preferred salad dressing.

 Logan's roadhouse has a great grilled salmon whereas I get it on a salad as well and they do have my favorite dressing.

Newburn's is well repudiated for their catfish (fried is the only method though).

I did have the chance recently to eat at the Swamper's lately and I had a Ceaser salad with a slab of salmon on it.

These are only a few of the locations I have been to.



I keep away from most fried seafood, except a few fried oysters. Do eat the whole fried catfish at Newberns.  The filets have too much breading.  Love the red snapper at Georges every way they prepare it.  The oysters Rockefeller is a favorite of mine, as well.  Prepared much like the original recipe.  

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