Another popular version and one I very much like to read is the CEV or Contemporary English Version.

CEV link #1

CEV link #2

CEV Link to Browse the CEV Version

Also the ESV ... English Standard Version. Although I usually read the NIV and I like the wording of the CEV for study groups the English Standard Version is a very accurate and great translation which I believe will eventually take over the NIV's place.

ESV / CEV comparison article

ESV Website link

Wikipedia article on the ESV

Click for ESV Website
Hi all,

You might want to check out the Blue Letter Bible web site. It gives you about fifteen different translations and you can choose to read in any translation -- or you can choose to view a particular verse showing all the different translations. I use this all the time in my writings. Normally, I use the NASB; but, at times another translation may express the thought I am conveying better.

This site also has great commentaries available for each verse, and Strong's Concordance. It has a lot of other good material which can help you in your Bible studies.

You can also get the program on a free CD that you can load on your computer. I use the when I am away from home with my laptop and not in a WiFi area or other hot spot area.

God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,



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