The wife Big Grin and I had to go to Decatur yesterday. She insisted Roll Eyes on going to Big Bob Gibsons. I had the beef brisket sand and she had a turkey. BOTH were outstanding and the slaw was good. BUT the catcher was the baked beans. They were very good. We both love the white sauce. I saw other sauces there yesterday so maybe I will look for the red next time I go to Hometown. GREAT EATING!
No SweetPea and Tiger did not go. MrCharles
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Drove over to Decatur from the Shoals about a couple weeks ago on Friday night to Gibson's on 6th Street. Granddaughter had never been. We both got the half chicken, beans and potato salad. Could not have wanted any better! Worth the drive. Don't know much about Decatur. Just went where the GPS told us to go. Spooky getting out of that part of town after dark. Is there a better location?
We have been to both locations recently and really thought everything was better at the older location on 6th. If it is creepy, don't go at night. I carry concealed and do not feel uncomfortable after dark.

Excellent police coverage (patrol) of this area and you might have one at the next table... Cool
Sorry if I offended anyone with the "that part of town" reference to Decatur. Coming in, we stayed on US 72 Alt/Al 20 to 5th St, turned right on 31 and arrived at our destination. However, when we returned home, my GPS took us "as the crow flies", cutting through what, at night, looked to be a pretty depressed area, back to US 72 Alt/AL 20. To two lone females at night, it looked pretty intimidating. Probably not so during daylight hours. If we had been taken out the same way we came in, my impression would have been different. Meant no offense. I pledge to be nice when on this forum.
oldgreymare, I made that same return trip, just for fun, trusting my Garmin GPS...I went through neighborhoods that could only be improved by burning. Even carrying concealed, you gotta tighten up a little in that part of town. I didn't see any patrol cars on that back track.

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