Anyone know what happened to Big Mike's? It's been gone for, I don't know, at least a few weeks. I've done a topic search on, but received no hits. Just wondering if the razing of the building had anything to do with the fire they had a couple of months back, and when (or if) they plan to rebuild and reopen? Thanks in advance for any info.

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Wow. 7 hours to come up with a response and that's the best you can do. Your parents must be so proud. Now run along, little fella. Your ignorance is showing and the grownups would like to have a serious discussion now.

I had hoped to get some information, and still hold that hope, as I know the previous poster is the exception, not the rule, of folks around here. Any REAL information would be appreciated.
I am sure the building was torn down because of the fire, and I asked someone once who said they did plan to rebuild but I cant recall as to when. I also had the opportunity to have breakfast with the owner of Jonathans Steakhouse in Russellville who said he was going to put in a restaurant near the same area of Second St.
I have eaten at the Texas Roadhouse several times and rate them about like Logan Roadhouse. TR in my opinion is too loud and service is a little slow. The last two times at TR they have failed the lemon test. That is where I ask for extra lemon for my tea to see if the waiter/waitress is listening to what I'm ordering.
Both TR & Logan can be rated as consistently mediocre IMHO. Roll Eyes
I would have to agree on Oh Bryans being great. TR and Logans are just chain places that don't put any hometown or special feeling in their service. TR failed the first time and I haven't been back. Logans is just on the passing so I don't make a special trip across the river just to eat there.
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Pitbo$$:
I have eaten at the Texas Roadhouse several times and rate them about like Logan Roadhouse.

I agree, who wants to feel like they are at a square dance to get a good steak. I drive to outback vs Logans or TR, food is as good or better and the same price. I think Dales has good food and is an ok atmosphere. I liked the Marriot but didnt think the food was all that great and it was kind of expensive. Can anyone report on Legends?

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