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When FOX News terminated Bill O'Reilly it surprised a lot of people as Bill had the top rated News broadcast program on FOX and any of any network but after an internal FOX investigation it was deemed best to terminate their relationship with O'Reilly who has been attempting to make a self made comeback using the Internet, Podcast, and his own subscription service.  

I used to watch Bill and I enjoyed "The Factor" but even though Bill is screaming like a Pig now claiming it was a mistake for him to settle and that he's innocent of all charges I just can't believe that.   If Bill had settled for some measly amount or an amount to offset what sure litigation would have cost him might have made his case stronger but he settled for 32 Million dollars.  I don't care what the charges are you don't settle for 32 Million Dollars unless there is real evidence there and you stand a real chance of losing that much or more.  

I liked Bill but I think he's guilty as Harvey Weinstein and he needs to accept that his behavior has cost him his platform and his job.  I can't watch Bill any more and see a man that I truly believe is innocent of all charges because I believe he has done what he's accused of doing.    If someone wants  to hire Bill and if he can garner advertisers then good for him but if he's guilty, which I believe he is, then he should retire gracefully and be satisfied that he's not going to jail where he may should be depending on what he is accused of.   

In Bill's case I don't think he's accused of rape but I do think he was trying to use his position, at FOX ,to take advantage of some of his coworkers and convince them into a consensual relationship but I believe what Bill did wrong was that got a woman that refused his forward advances and then he got her fired for refusing them.  I don't know if that's enough to make a person go to jail but it should be enough to cause him to lose his job, which he now has done.    I, even though I liked Bill, do not believe he should be reinstated and believe he's guilty as charged.  You just don't make a settlement of that value , 32 Million Dollars, unless there is some real evidence there to back up the charges.  

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )
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Kraven posted:

Eric Bolling is the one surprises me. What gets into these people.?

Eric is fighting this allegation which was made by a liberal competitor so I'm not 100% buying into what's being said about him and I hope it isn't true.  I do realize that anyone can fail and fall but given everything that had happened at FOX and how they cut O'Reilly you, as well as everyone else, would know that no one would be above being let go if they did something like that.  Again I hope it isn't true and I'll wait to see if he is successful at clearing his name.  Heck even Bob Beckel their Liberal Democrat was even let go but in his case I think they said it was that he said something racially offensive.  I really can't remember.

Sometimes people think that they have become more than mere mortals and everyone else must adore them and submit to them; Bill O'Reilly might be one of those people. I usually only watched him on FOX News briefly when I clicked through the channels and only if the guest was interesting; O'Reilly was a bit loud and often talked over his guests. Often people with the same character flaws as O'Reilly gather together in similar occupations where their self importance can cause trouble:

California Senate plans outside investigation on harassment

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — The California Senate announced Monday that it has hired a law firm to investigate sexual harassment allegations as pressure builds for lawmakers to deal more aggressively with what hundreds of women working in and around the Capitol describe as a culture of sexual intimidation.

No male lawmakers have been accused by name of sexual harassment or assault. But female lobbyists, lawmakers and legislative staffers have offered accounts online and to reporters about men making inappropriate comments, touching them and asking them to perform sex acts.

The Senate has not publicly disclosed how many women officially reported harassment in recent years or how many people were disciplined. The Assembly, meanwhile, has investigated 11 complaints in five years but will not disclose any discipline that followed, said Debra Gravert, chief administrative officer.

In one case, the Assembly paid $100,000 to settle harassment, discrimination and retaliation claims made in 2014 against then-Assemblyman Steve Fox, who an aide said exposed himself and then fired her when she reported his behavior, according to documents from courts and the Legislature.

I have also seen where the charge of sexual harassment had been used to bring down a manager at a former place of employment because workplace love often turns into workplace hate with retribution. I also know that the definition of sexual harassment is broad and complex, so I don't immediately prejudge anyone when I hear that they sexually harassed someone. 

the $32mil is not confirmed and was reported by a famed "fake" news source. Maybe to try and draw out info?  This is were freedom of press is sketchy, it protects from government. Should it protect from slandering someone?  I believe if they print something about someone they should have to prove sources.  

Sexual harassment is tuff.  First the accused gets dragged thru the mud. Second it tends to be about attorneys making money.  On the small level it used to cost around $50 thousand to win.  Most don't want the publicity and is cheaper to settle than trust a judge or jury.   I was aware of one locally .  Settlement was $8000,   attorney's fees for the accused was $40+thousand.  The accuser was crazy,, the accused was assumed guilty.  The lack of clarity in sexual harassment laws even makes it worse.  everyone has an opinion on what is harassment and are allowed to sue for them.  Imagine being married having kids in school and some wacko lady finds a unethical attorney to file against you.  From my business experience 80 to 90 some % are bogus.  Which sadly takes away from the real ones.  Once something hits the paper, people assume guilty.   I sat during depositions once, there was not only no case.  The attorney shouldn't have filed.  the company settled for nothing, I believe the attorneys ran it as long as they could and made their money. The gentleman later lost his job, He was innocent.  Just made mistake of hiring a crazy lady. 

SirWasabi posted:

Weinstein is a horrible human. Trump and O'Reily are conservative spokespersons. All are guilty of the same thing. Let that sink in a minute.

You're more screwed now than when you left condie, tell me again
what a great, wonderful and decent person Hillary is, maybe you
don't want to go there.....huh

The Clintons are simply the most CORRUPT political family to most likely ever served in office and certainly in High Office.  Richard Nixon in his most corrupt days never approached 1/2 what the Clintons most likely have done and been allowed to get away with.  

Had the Clinton's been Republicans they never could have done what they have done because the media would have had Bill Clinton impeached and quite likely both He and Hillary in prison by now and I'm 100% certain of that statement.  It might be my opinion but I feel confident and safe in making it regarding the Clintons.  

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