Bolton Objected to Ukraine Pressure Campaign, Calling Giuliani ‘a Hand Grenade’



By Peter Baker and





WASHINGTON — The effort to pressure Ukraine for political help provoked a heated confrontation inside the White House last summer that so alarmed John R. Bolton, then the national security adviser, that he told an aide to alert White House lawyers, House investigators were told on Monday.

Mr. Bolton got into a sharp exchange on July 10 with Gordon D. Sondland, the Trump donor turned ambassador to the European Union, who was working with Rudolph W. Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer, to press Ukraine to investigate Democrats, according to testimony provided to the investigators.


Mr. Bolton instructed Fiona Hill, the senior director for Russian and Eurasian affairs, to notify the chief lawyer for the National Security Council that Mr. Giuliani was working with Mick Mulvaney, the acting White House chief of staff, on a rogue operation with legal implications, Ms. Hill told the investigators, according to two people familiar with her closed-door testimony.


“I am not part of whatever drug deal Rudy and Mulvaney are cooking up,” Mr. Bolton, a Yale-trained lawyer, told Ms. Hill to tell White House lawyers, according to the testimony.

It was not the first time Mr. Bolton expressed grave concerns to Ms. Hill about Mr. Giuliani. “Giuliani’s a hand grenade who’s going to blow everybody up,” Ms. Hill quoted Mr. Bolton saying during an earlier conversation.

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OldSalt posted:

It's no wonder Bolton and the Generals that were on the White House staff bailed on Trump.  Bolton and the Generals are men of honor and could not abide the BS of Trump and Giuliani. 

The time frame of Bolton's departure makes a lot of sense, now. He was scared of going to prison with NosfeRudi.

Mulvaney Says Trump Held Back Ukraine Aid Pending Investigation of Democrats

Undercutting President Trump’s denial of a quid pro quo, the acting White House chief of staff told reporters that military aid was held back in part to prod Ukraine to investigate Democrats.


Well, Well, Well... Those Whistleblower accounts just keep on coming up correct. Republicans keep denying facts. The people around Trump are waking up. They're not going to prison for Trump. How are the Republican talking points going to spin this? Trump's chief of staff just admitted it was true. There was a quid pro quo to investigate a political opponent.

What are the Republicans going to do, now? It's hard to ignore facts forever.

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