Find the BOGO coupon in this week's Courier Journal.  Go to Boo Radleys on Woodward in Sheffield.  You wil get a different ( and fun} sandwich - also huge.  Cross the river (OMG!) - turn left onto Hatch which becomes Woodward - Boo Radley is on right next to the $ Tree. ( Old Quizno's location)  Salads are also delicious! Prices are great!  I first went because I knew at least one of the owners had read "To Kill a Mockingbird!

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I am not one of the owners.  I just like good food.  Why is it so hard to entertain a compliment?  If it were so gross, it would have received a low health rating. I willl check.  I have eaten all over the world and survived .  What is you primary problem  with the cleanliness?  Catsfan, you are right, 0f course, B R is in Muscle Shoals! 

i finally made it to boo radleys a couple of days ago. i got two sandwiches, the smoking pot....roast and the thanksgiving dinner. i had half of each and leftovers for the next day. both were great. smoking pot...roast was pot roast, monterey jack cheese with aujus for dipping. the thanksgiving dinner was roasted turkey breast, cranberry sauce, cornbread stuffing, onion, lettuce and mayo.


they told me they were going to open in decatur and florence. the florence location will be at the quizno's building downtown florence.

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 I doubt very seriously they will allow smoking pot in downtown Florence Alabama!


I know for a fact it would never be allowed in Boo Radley's. Never has, never will.



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Did they ever make that place sanitary?

I have eaten there several times.  Apparently the Health Dep't is happy.  Would you please list the problems you encountered so we can make our own decision.  Why should we be influenced by someone who may have an ulterior motive?  Was "that place" ever unsanitary?

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