This past weekend we took my family to Books a Million like we do quiet often.. We always let the older kids look around.. my 11 year old nephew came up to me and ask me to look what he had found.. It was a book.. Inside Japan's Sex Houses.. every page a nude Japanese girl.. the back had definitions of the different sex acts performed.. He found it in the photography section.. I did not know they carried pornography.. and every documentary that I have seen about the sex houses in other countries the girls were always under age.. so I guess that makes it child porn.. I contacted a news station .. hid the book and let them know where it was.. I am going to call manager tomorrow.. couldn't do it that night.. was really upset..
Just wanted everyone to beware of letting your children out of your sight there.. No telling what they might see.....
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Why not call a manager or better yet call the corporate office of BAM. Why would your first move be call a news station? What exactly are you gaining by that? I agree there is no place for that in any bookstore, but you should atleast extend a common courtesy of allowing the management of BAM a chance to pull the book or give an explanation of why it is there. As a business owner I make mistakes everyday and would hate for a dissatisfied customer to call the press on me without first allowing me to correct the problem.
I seriously doubt Books a Million reviews every single book they carry. I would bet the manager would have appreciated someone bringing the book to their attention if it had problems. I would also doubt a book would get formally published with illegal child pornography. I say illegal because their are pictures of naked children in science books. In that respect it would be judged on the use of the book. For that reason I doubt a media outlet would pick up the story unless they really were hungry for sensationalism. You never know.

However, if it were deemed truly child pornography then I wouldn't want to be the publisher. Even if the store got in trouble it would go back to the publisher as well.
I am not trying to gain anything.. I just want my children to be safe and not find crap like that in a family bookstore.. and I don't think I owe them any doesn't take much to realize what kind of book they were putting on the shelf.. and that is most likely not the only book of that kind in there..
If that was the only book you hide it wasn't worth your time. BAM has always carried books of this nature and they are scattered out all over the store. If you really want to catch the attention of the local store, carry the book up to the registers and ask to speak to the manager. Let him know what you think about the book right up in the middle of the registers so other customers will know your concerns.
I did this at wallyworld one night and let me tell you one thing. The manager was doing everything he could to get me away from the registers so the other customers couldn't hear what was being said.

If you will be to embarrassed to do this then its not as important as you are letting on.
would you have been equally as offended if they would have picked up "tropic of cancer" or "memories of my melancholy wh*res"?

you should have burned it. Roll Eyes
There are many books in Books A Million which are not suitable for children. Why weren't you keeping a better eye on your child?
well, by all means, let's have a book burning.

Roll Eyes

there are probably lots of books in there that are not appropriate for an 11 year old. should we get rid of them all?

i would have alerted the management of the store if i had a problem, not called the media. i doubt i would have about that book, though.

it's not a toy store, for goodness sake.
Certainly have to disagree with you on this one - I would have placed a call to management first and given them a chance to handle it. If you are too upset to speak with them tonight, how in the world are you not too upset to speak with news media? Bad judgement call, JMHO.
I strongly doubt that he found that book in photography. The title alone would have prevented that. There is an 18 and only section which is where I suspect he found it. The store clearly says that it carries material for adults only on the premises. I think I would talk to the store manager before I went off on a tangent.
I also would be sure to find the exact spot he found it. Its very possible a customer put the book in the wrong place.
Originally posted by George Sand:
There are many books in Books A Million which are not suitable for children. Why weren't you keeping a better eye on your child?

I had the same thought.
I didn't go to the manager at the time because I had 4 children with me and I was really upset.. didn't want to cause a big scene with them with me.. and I do watch my children.. I am just sorry that I wrote this on the forum.. I was wanting everyone to know that they carried books like this.. I had no idea that something like that would be in there..
is this the book?

if so, it wouldn't be in the photography section unless some just put it there. which happens all the time in ANY store. it even says "psychology-human sexuality" section.
Some other kid had probably hid it so he could find it later and your child just happened up on it by mistake. Now some other kid will find it since you hid it again.
I can understand you being upset with what he found, BUT would he have found it if you were keeping an eye on him?
Book store, toy today's world the rule is the same for all public DO NOT let an 11 year old wander around unsupervised.
Would you feel the same way if your child was wandering around independently in Wal-Mart or Publix and came to you with a 6-pack of beer in tow? Would you alert the media or simply tell him that he knew better than to think you'd allow him to purchase such an item? Any store has every right to sell items that aren't appropriate for children. What if he came to you with a box of condoms or tampons? Would you be as angry if he came in contact with those items? Ultimately, parents must bear the responsibility of limiting exposure to these mature products thru parental supervision.
** news flash! **

"Today, sales of the Naughty Japanese Sex Club Book hit an all-time high, when there was a run on the BAM in the normally sleepy backwater town of Florence, Alabama.

One man was trampled in the melee, but he probably deserved it, as he was observed skulking around at ankle level in the adult book section. He later protested, 'I wasn't looking up dresses! I was trying to read a subtitle!'

The vagabond was roundly pummelled by little old ladies with black patent leather handbags and run out of town at the end of a sharp stick."
The wife and I were in a Books a Million out of town and for some reason they put homosexual erotica across from some coloring books.We got a manager and told him of the situation.Now if it got corrected we don`t know but maybe they should have put the adult material away from the children`s section.
Not cirtisizing Homosexuals.I would have complained if they put heterosexual erotica next to some coloring books.I think it was just a slip up of organizing the store.
Geddon, I'm sure it was a "recruiting" tactic.... LOL

That situation reminds me of the scene on Friends when Phoebe's date says he writes erotic novels for children. "They're wildly unpopular."
In my opinion, parents who take their underaged children to a bookstore should also assume the responsibility for supervising them. If you don't want your child reading adult-oriented materials, that is certainly your privilege. But at least pony up some responsibility, and not try to parlay your child's presence into an excuse to deny real adults to read materials that they would like.

Leave the rest of us alone. Don't try to impose your values on people who have not asked for them.
I'm sure that no one that works there has ever flipped thru every single book in the building. maybe they should raise their prices and hire some proofreaders, to safeguard their shelves. Roll Eyes
might wanna keep him away from the magazine section, too.

that COSMO is sooooooo vulgar.

watch your charges. eleven is too young too be unsupervised in ANY store.
Originally posted by George Sand:
Yep. The tables coulda been turned. BAM could have called DHR on a negligent parent.


While I wouldn't have handled the situation the same way, that statement is ridiculous and unnecessary.

This person has come to this forum and posted something that concerned her deeply. Although many may disagree and have let her know it, the snide comments and nasty tone are uncalled for.

Dreamn, I'm sorry that you've been ridiculed to the degree you have, especially being fairly new here. There are more constructive ways to express opinions than to belittle someone in this manner. I, personally, would reserve that for those who are in the spotlight, i.e. politicians, tv and movie personalities and anybody else who uses their position to publically sound off.

Obviously, I'm in the minority.
there are more constructive ways to deal with area business people than to hide a book and then report it the media, too.
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Oh, for any good! People just amaze me! There's a book of nudes in the photography section and you call a television station? Makes me homesick for the '80's when you'd have phoned a lawyer first.

Here's a hint, nudes are an art form. Don't like 'em? Don't look. And your eleven year-old nephew? Unless he's in special ed., he knew every word on that cover before he opened the book. Deal with that issue, and leave the book alone.
The title of the book is most intriguing!!!. LOL Hoss Gal, you have been hangin' out with DeepFat! Great news release!
there is ALOT of nudity in art and photography,(google it and check it out),do not want your kid seeing it,simple solution,keep your kids out of it.No biggie,does not require a major melt down,does not require calling the media.In fact all it requires is setting boundries of what sections they are allowed to browse in the bookstore and not given free roaming.
Originally posted by beeb:
... And your eleven year-old nephew? ...he knew every word on that cover before he opened the book. Deal with that issue, and leave the book alone.

Good point.
And it's been many years since i've been around an 11 year old boy, but is it normal for a boy that age to so willingly share pictures of naked women with his aunt?
IMO, that's weird.....
Originally posted by dreamn:
I had no idea that something like that would be in there..

Really?? No idea? This isn't Walmart we're talking about where everything is censored.
I think this is just an example of how people want to blame everyone else because they turned their back for a second. I'm sure the Flo/Lauderdale Library has books that are inappropriate for children. The bottom line is if you don't want your kids to see those, or certain tv programs, or to be exposed to things on the computer, then you are the one responsible for them. Not some minimum wage paid college student trying to eek out a living in a book store.
Dreamn, you can't be that naive.
Originally posted by gracies old man:
Originally posted by George Sand:
Yep. The tables coulda been turned. BAM could have called DHR on a negligent parent.


While I wouldn't have handled the situation the same way, that statement is ridiculous and unnecessary.

rhetoric [ret-a-rik, rit-tor-ik-kl]
1. the art of using speech or writing to persuade or influence
2. artificial or exaggerated language: there's been no shortage of soaring rhetoric at this summit [Greek rhētorikē (tekhnē) (art) of rhetoric]
I am not being funny or hateful, I mean this in all seriousness... do NOT take your child past the Victoria's Secret display window. I LOVE Victoria's Secret and I have to reserve my shopping time in that store to when I am alone. The last time my six year old was with me and we passed there he all but drooled on the floor and it was SO embarrassing... it was like he could NOT take his eyes off of the display. I did not know little six year olds would be so curious. Now, we park at the store we are going to and go in the outside entrance and then get into my car and go to the next store or we go to the other side of the main walkway. He embarrased me so badly that day... I chuckled a little on the inside but it was inappropriate... it was absolutely my fault for parading him through there... I just had no idea but I am learning everyday... Roll Eyes
Well, at least the person at the news station who received the message probably had a good chuckle. A little work day entertainment never hurt anyone. It breaks up the monotony.

George, the notion of calling DHR on dreamn for negligence surely is ridiculous, but certainly no more ridiculous than dreamn's reaction. I get it.

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