Boycott Star Bucks and Chobani Yogurt

If the way Star Bucks has treated our cops and first responders wasn't enough, maybe this will be. They are NOT hiring veterans or folks that lost their jobs in obama's economy, but refugees. I have already stopped buying chobanis yogurt, and stopped buying anything from Starbucks.  I stopped buying Kelloggs too. Chobani is muzzie owned.

Chobani CEO Hamdi Ulukaya proposed big businesses step in and assist with a refugee crisis; Chobani has hired 600 refugees with plans to hire more.


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I've never purchased anything starbucks or arab crap, so don't
forget about Costco stocking their meat counters with
"Halal" meat. Since Islam teaches dishonesty (taqiyyah) and no
regard for one’s neighbor, this kind of sickening behavior
is standard when their process is filthy.
Jack Flash posted:
Fact, if they drag a dead animal on the ground, off the field,
they throw in on the line for human consumption. And
they are at peace with that because they're a religion of peace.
Peaceful people........

I know a woman that raises Corriedale sheep. She said they would come by her farm wanting to buy her sheep, and wanting to slaughter it in the field. She told them no. They told her it was their religion. She told them it against her religion to let them do it. They left without the sheep.

That must be something to do with not having virgin sheep
after they are martyred, where ever they end up.
Probably all they would get then are a couple of old wet
hairy azz dogs, which am sure they danced that jig before
anyway. Might know some of them..........

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