Sign of things to come? Will good, real Americans on the right finally start confronting these anti-American lefty thugs and start fighting back? We can hope.


A knock-down, drag-out brawl broke out on the Hollywood Walk of Fame between a group of protesters and some President Trump supporters — who were holding a makeshift rally around his new star after the old one got destroyed on Wednesday.

The fight reportedly went down around 11:25 p.m. Thursday following a verbal dispute between two men, one of whom was wearing a Trump jersey.

Footage posted on social media showed punches being thrown in every direction as numerous people jumped in and got a dose of the mayhem.


The fight eventually came to a halt and the scene was cleared by police without incident. No arrests were made, according to CBS Los Angeles.

Trump supporters had gathered around his new Walk of Fame star Thursday night to honor the president after his old star got taken out by a man with a pickax.

Singer Joy Villa posted a video on Twitter showing the group singing the national anthem and posing for pictures just moments before the brawl broke out.

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"Epstein knew he was in trouble when he got a card from the Clintons that said "Condolences on your upcoming suicide"

Original Post
I wonder what the first daddies would do to the America hating
habitual treasonous illegal Okenyon that sold out this country.
We know what they would do and we also know they would
support Trump, something a liberal will never understand----  
Kraven posted:
Looks like the ole KKK the Dems always fall back on when they
want to gang bang. If Adolf got it's star ruined you'd see the herd
passing out from a defecation syncope, they are thin skinned.

I wish the left would get some hard push back. They deserve it.

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