California -- Death Of A Golden Dream

Today's TD editorial page has a poignant political cartoon.  Citing new Census Bureau data, California has the highest poverty rate in the nation per state. 

This is by the new supplementary poverty measure.

Simultaneously, California has the 6th highest GDP, if it were a separate nation.  Plus, with a state debt of about $434 billion, it has the second worse credit rating (A) only surpassed by Illinois (A-). 

The reason is the same for California, as for Illinois and for most of out great cities -- Democrat misrule for decades.  The Democrats have driven up taxes and regulations (to include local) as if they truly hated business. 

Businesses are leaving and closing much faster than new businesses can be founded.  Those of extreme wealth (who's wealth is tied to the location) and the extremely poor (mainly, illegals) are, increasingly, the remaining populace. 

In the past God sent plagues of biblical proportion to places He disapproved of.  Now, He's more practical, just sends Democrats -- simpler, but the same results.


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