Wow, let me answer everyone in one comment.

David L. - If I have to live somewhere, southern California isn't a bad place. We do miss the south and plan to retire back there, probably Florida where my husband is from. David L., the last and only time I was ever in San Francisco I was 8 as well. I keep trying to make it back up there to see all those places (Ghiradelli Square, Fisherman's Wharf, China Town) through adult eyes.

Hippiegirl - Yes, there are many beautiful places here in SoCal, you just have to look a little harder to find them amongst all the steel and concrete.

Zann75 - As to what kind of camera it is, I have no idea. It's the first and only digital camera we've ever owned. (I hope to change that soon) We bought it back in early 2003 when the Gateway store in Florence was going out of business because they had some great steals. All I know is it's a Fuji.
These are beautiful photos! We vacation in California more now that the dollar is nearly worthless in Europe. I love, love, love Santa Barbara! San Diego is interesting, but La Jola just north of there is much nicer in my opinion. L.A. I can skip, but Malibu is nice.
We love to take the train down to San Diego and wander around Old Town. Malibu is very pretty. I have some non-digital b&w photos that I took there of the rocks and surf. They turned out nice. Never been to La Jola or Santa Barbara (only driven through Santa Barbara on the way to camping). We hope to take the train up to Santa Barbara soon. They offer something called Santa Barbara without a car. It's all the places you can bicycle to in and around Santa Barbara. Unfortunately, right now it's been raining for a week and a half so no bicycling yet.
We walked all over Santa Barbara. I love their downtown mall and I am not a shopper, but it is neat that you barely even know it is there the way it is built into the block(s). There is a lot of very good food on that main street!

If you go to La Jolla, go down to that beach area to see the seals. We have walked quite a ways up and down a path nearby. Take the sidewalk north to get to the path.

The first time we visited San Diego we stayed in Old Town. That was fun, but I didn't care for the "fried lobster" that one place serves. The rest of their food was fine. I just expect lobster to taste like Maine lobster, I guess.

We stayed in the downtown area this last time and ate in some of the Gaslight district places. We really enjoyed that. Old Town seems a bit safer at night, though.

Those surfers are fun to watch up and down the coast. I am not sure where we were, but there was some major surfing going on north of La Jolla last fall (2007)

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