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Nancy Pelosi claims Trump wants to make America White again with the citizenship question.  Can anyone answer a few simple questions?

First: Isn't the largest group in America whites today?  Hasn't Whites always been the majority group in America?

Second:  Just what is it about asking if a person is a citizen on a Census that makes it racially motivated or racial in any way?

Due to Illegal immigration and legal immigration Hispanics will so make up the largest group in America.  California and New York, both heavily leaning Democratic States are planning to file lawsuits, which is the newest form of protest that Democrats use when they don't like something.  Doesn't matter if it's constitutional or not they search out "friendly" courts to file a lawsuit in so that they can have a legislative judge (legislation from the bench) rule in their favor so that they can get their way.  

From documentation it appears that the long form census questionnaire, that did ask the citizenship question, was cancelled around 2000 so was not implemented in the 2010 census.  Many say Obama cancelled the question from being ask but if the report that that long form was cancelled in 2000 is correct then either it was the Bush or Clinton administration that was ultimately responsible.  Either way what is the rub about the question anyway? The biggest questions is HOW IS IT RACIST to ask if a person is a citizen?  Do we have a huge number of minorities that aren't citizens and are out there voting? What's the danger that we are going to reveal?   Are we going to deny illegals benefits and representation in Congress by asking this question?   They shouldn't have representation in the US Congress if they are illegal anyway.  

This is another area that I believe the Democrats are wrong. 


Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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