Caregivers arrested after 65-year-old woman tortured, abused

Related to the woman by marriage. Related, and you can be sure being paid by the state. Paying family members/friends as "caregivers" needs to stop. A paid caregiver should be a professional, monitored, and NOT related to the patient or a friend.


KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. (KTVL) - Three people have been arrested in connection to the kidnapping and sexual assault of a 63-year-old woman who lived with them, according to a press release by Oregon State Police.

Police say the woman had been committed to the State Hospital in Salem by court order, but arrived to the hospital with severe injuries. She was transferred to Salem Hospital, where she was admitted in critical condition.

Florence Raley, 56, Melissa Shanhotlzer, 24, and John Martin, 29, were arrested on charges of kidnapping, and assault on February 22.

Police say the victim was related to Raley by marriage. The women were identified as caregivers for the victim.

All three are accused of holding the victim against her will, beating her with a metal spoon, breaking her arm and sexually abusing her. Investigators say the abuse began in October 2015.

Neighbors say they can't believe this happened, but they are not surprised.

"I just thought they were weird," said neighbor Ashley Barkley. "We heard things from people that lived hear before us."

The investigation is ongoing.

The District Attorney's Office says they are still waiting for a thorough review of the reports before bringing the case before a jury.

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