Originally posted by Trutooit-II:
I am not now nor have ever I been a "Black Sheep." Who else may be, I don't know.

Your just not being entirely honest there Tru.

The above link is to a facebook page run by the Black Sheep. The Henchbroad, is a term the Black Sheep coined in these forums for a group of people on another site.
A close scrutiny of of the 34 friends of that site shows Shoalanda Speaks and Tina miller Parker as Black Sheep friends of that site.
If I am correct, our own Rexkwondo a.k.a. Geddon97 is credited with the establishment of the Henchbroad. If I am wrong on that part I'll humbly apologize.
Here is another Black sheep inspired facebook page. And yes, Shoalanda Speaks is one of the friends/ fans of that page. It also includes a link to Shoalanda.


In one of the links the page where many of the Black Sheep were thrown out of these forums. That's the reason they started this facebook page. It was all about them being thrown out of these forums.

As I have now shown, Trutooit is neck deep in the Black Sheep. You just can't believe these people on anything.
Originally posted by rexkwondo72:
Answer the question Juggy. How is TMP and S.S. kin? That was your original statement.

"We're with the Banned" This is the headline on the Shoalanda blog a few months ago. This headline was in regards to a series of banning done by the TDF. Now mind you, the TDF banned more people than listed on Shoalanda blog, BUT SHOALANDA ONLY LISTED BLACK SHEEP WHO WERE BANNED.

Now, Tru is not being honest about his affiliation with the Black sheep. why would he be any more honest about his association with TMP?
REX, Pleeeeeeeeeze jus grow up and get a life! your a naggy little child that thinks if they keep nagging they will win some how... NOT happeningSmiler
your a fine example of someone making accusations and not backing them up.. Crybaby,, just get over it.. stop with the tantrums already Roll Eyes
Originally posted by nhiswill:
your a fine example of someone making accusations and not backing them up.. Crybaby,, just get over it.. stop with the tantrums already Roll Eyes
.....OMG! If you knew who he really is AND what he does, you would not make such a statement.
If I don't know who is and who isn't a black sheep, how does jug?

Sure I know some who are, at least I'm pretty sure, but I don't know all of them, so how does Jug?
Originally posted by Jugflier:
Looks like the judges position will come down to Coker and Ruggles.

Quite possible it will come down to Kyle BrownSmiler most Democrats will vote for a Republican before they would vote for either of them.
Originally posted by Trutooit-II:
Ever notice how Ang and nhiswill use a lot of commas to seperate sentences?

and your point is?
Quite possible it will come down to Kyle Brown most Democrats will vote for a Republican before they would vote for either of them.

And how do you know what "most Democrats" will do? What do you know about the two Democratic candidates that disqualifies them?
Unbelievable.. hate it for all the bigtime moneybags that contributed all thet money to her campaign.. well ... not really.. Smiler but this is quite interesting..
Well it looks like it will be Coker and Brown in the general election. Both men seem to be genuine nice guys so pray for guidance in your vote.
I don't know Polly Ruggles personally, but this seems like a classy decision on her part. Tim James could take a lesson from Mrs. Ruggles. Save the time, money, and energy and get behind the candidate with the most votes. Kudos to Polly Ruggles.
I think she thought it statistically impossible to win. Now we'll see just how Democratic Colbert County actually is in November.
Statistically more than 50% of the voters did not want Chad Coker, so I think she blew a good chance for no good reason. Maybe Kyle Brown will be the first Republican in a loooooong time for Colbert County, now thats where true classy,honesty, loyalty and a genuinely good christian family man that would be found. Plus he has been practicing law twice as long as Coker and is much more experienced.
and... a lifelong Colbert County man not backed by the so called" politically correct Prysbyterian blue bloods.
Well Miss Mabel was a sweet old lady that took Chad under her wing because of her own grandson, I guess if my grandma had everyone that she took under her wing running for Judge we would all be in trouble! Vote based on the facts of the case, not on a sweet old womans kindheartedness. Let Miss Mabel rest in peace and lets not USE her anymore to boost Chads publicity.(shame on you and him) Coker hasn't got what it takes based on the Facts- look at his record compared to Kyle Browns, he DON'T even come close!
Originally posted by Infomercial:
I predict Jugflier will out Kyle Brown as a Black Sheep by the November election.

Mabel Carpenter was not just a sweet old lady. She was active in civic circles and politics until until her last illness- which means not too many months ago. Shame on you for denigrating Mable Carpenter- and me.
Hi, I am new to this forum thing! I have watched you guys debate on the district judge race. Now that Ruggles is out. It looks like it is a Coker Brown race. I for one am going with Brown! He seems to be a great guy with tons of experience that we need in Colbert County.
Im voting Kyle Brown to. He has always been a top notch, respectable guy and never heard or seen anything questionable about his work as ADA and I know he has been very involved in the community for years, not just for a political game face.

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