Charlottesville is latest excuse for NFL players to disrespect the national anthem

The day after Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch sat out the national anthem, his former team-mate Michael Bennett has followed his lead.

The Seattle Seahawks defensive end, who is known for his strong views, sat with a towel draped over his head during the anthem before Sunday’s game against the Los Chargers. Bennett said he plans to continue the protest for the rest of the season, and his stance was influenced by the far-right violence in Charlottesville over the weekend. Colin Kaepernick attracted attention when he chose to kneel for the anthem last season as a protest at racial injustice in the United States.


As much as I've loved the NFL over the years I'm about burnt out with the
hate mongers. I'd like to see a 50% reduction in attendance across the board.
When the only job for you is -- got ball,  run -- and you prove you really are
that ignorant and clueless, you deserve to lose it....  
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It has been documented that these forms of protest cost the NFL viewership and thus revenue. Owners should implement a policy among these overpaid athletes that says essentially if you don't stand to honor the country you are fined a certain moderate amount. If their actions cost Owners profit then owners have a right to recoup those losses from those responsible for the loss. Of course that is just my own opinion.

I'll add one more thought and, forgive me if it sounds racist, but the question should be ask.  What would the outcome be if the protesting players were white? 

If there answer is anything different than with them (protesting players) being black then you have evidence of and proof of racism at work.  Racism is wrong and bad but if it's bad and wrong then it's bad and wrong for EVERYONE, regardless of the source or target of it.

If kaepernick were white, a certain number of blacks would follow
just because they dislike the country for an unpatriotic reason 
 anyway. Some people look for a reason and any of them will do.
 What he did was of no help whatsoever, but it hurt him when he
should've seen it coming, not very smart, also put him on a list.
He might play for the Giants but the Giants will might suffer for it. 

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