Charlton Heston

4 "A graven thing, nor the likeness of any thing": All such images, or likenesses, are forbidden by this commandment, as are made to be adored and served; according to that which immediately follows, thou shalt not adore them, nor serve them. That is, all such as are designed for idols or image-gods, or are worshipped with divine honour. But otherwise images, pictures, or representations, even in the house of God, and in the very sanctuary so far from being forbidden, are expressly authorized by the word of God.

Naio posted:

So...which side was adorning graven images in Charlottesville?

Spoken by a true racist coward liberal and on it's azz for the
American national anthem. obumer sure put you in your place,
that would be the saul alinsky/geo. soros, blm holding house. 
Hypocritical liberal annelid worms on the loose.  

I seriously doubt that any Confederate general or Jefferson Davis would have wanted to be a "graven image". Then again I doubt that Martin Luther King would have wanted his image to be the god of the inner city welfare mentality of doing-nothing, knowing-nothing, and blaming everyone else for their state of existence. Instead the god of the ghetto should be LBJ for his Great Society trading of welfare checks for upward mobility. Removing a large portion of people from the workforce did boost union wages for a while until the factories closed and left for other countries.

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