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On a trip to Huntsville on Saturday the wife and I decided to eat at a place that we had become acquainted with back in 1988-1990 when we lived in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Fort Wayne had only the second Cheddar's restaurant location in the nation with the other being the original in Florida.  Today they are everywhere or in many other locations but just wanted to say it was an excellent dining experience and you can tell why they are so busy all the time.

We actually split the Fried Chicken and Shrimp plate and along with an appetizer of what had to be one of the largest orders of home made onion rings I ever saw we enjoyed everything immensely and recommend it highly if you are going to be in the Huntsville area.

I doubt you will ever see one in the Shoals area but Huntsville isn't too far to make a weekend trip over to and if you do there are plenty of other new restaurants to try out without running out of places that the Shoals does not have.  My only regret was that we were so full that we were not able to partake in their skillet brownie/cookie with the ice cream and hot fudge. 

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Look at the positive thing though!  With as much as they give you with their regular selections/entrees you won't have room for dessert or at least we never do.  As for the Onion Rings, well, some indulgences are permitted I hope. 

I might also mention, with respect to Onion Rings they are very good at Cheddars but if you are wanting a great tasting Onion Ring and don't want to go that far the best (hands down) that I've found in the Shoals area are at Buffalo Wild Wings.  

Several years ago the family made a trip to Disney World and had what was at that time the best tasting onion rings we had tasted and it was, of all places at the Contemporary Resort's steak house lounge.  The Onion Rings were beer battered and were outstanding and until we ate at Buffalo Wild Wings and tried theirs the best we had found but given the location not the most practical or convenient.   Buffalo Wild Wings provided us with identical tasting onion rings to those we had at Disney and they are much more reasonable and convenient.

One other secret or tip!   If you are the first customer's seated and ordered at Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant (any day from what I understand) then you (your table/party) gets a "free/complimentary" appetizer from a selection they have and Onion Rings are but one of those selections.  Their potato wedges are another but that's another story.

Sorry (again) about mentioning all this great food with your trying to moderate your intake.  Trust me I'd be 400 lbs if I didn't have Crohn's disease which due to a few operations on my intestines keeps me from gaining too much weight from what I do end up eating.   Most of what I eat just passes on though rather than sitting around and absorbing into the body and creating weight/fat if allowed to go unchecked or without enough exercise to offset it.


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I've tried the Cheddars in Huntsville.  I wasn't very impressed.  Could be what I got.  I had the monte cristo with fries.  My mom was with me and she really enjoyed whatever it was she had.   In fairness, after having a monte cristo at Apollo Cafe (now defunct Hunstville eatery), I am not sure if one could ever measure up. 

In all fairness I'd give them another try and try something else.   I really thought they did a great job with their BBQ Chicken but whatever they give you they seem to give large serving sizes and you seem to get your money's worth.  If you like Onion Rings you really should try that appetizer of Onion Rings but loosen your belt or have someone with you cause it's a load of Onion Rings to eat. 

I do believe that there are other restaurants that would do better, as you indicated you found a better sandwich elsewhere.  I can't go as far as to say Cheddars is better than all others for everything but rather that most everything you get is either well worth what you pay and also that it's very good and some of their offerings are very good. 

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