I agree but so many ppl start one that's not connected to the story by a link, then when someone else reads the story and clicks on comment, it'll say there's not bee a topic started.

And how hard is it to look at the topic title to see if there's numbers in place of symbols? You can change those you know.
If posters would behave just a little maturely other posters woould have the leeway to point out that the second post was a duplicate wihout the ancestry of every family member since Adam being called in to question by either 'side'. Poster of the duplicate could just say thank you and delate second post on the same topic. He/she could then post under the original topic heading.
Originally posted by lawguy07:
Any reason we need 2 and 3 separate threads on the same topic? How about taking 5 seconds to see if there's already one there before firing off a new one?
I have heard that there is a Japanese type restaurant called UMI coming to Florence. Does anyone know about this? If not, check Food Talk 's all four topics! lawguy, this one's for you! Please do not post any info about UMI in this thread! I have already read about it! LOL

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