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The Taliban were central to Afghanistan with no other geopolitical goals.  If, they had booted the al Qaeda, allied with them out of the country, the US would hace had no excuse to invade.  Again, low information liberals. 


if only boosh were as smart as dire, perhaps he wouldn't have invaded the wrong country and 'left afghanistan for the next guy'.


poor dire, calls me 'low information' and has no clue about the subject at hand... and obviously proud of it.. he just keeps digging that hole.

Once more, the Talib were encouraged by Pakistani intelligence (ISI) to give Pakistan defense in depth against their then perceived enemy -- India.  Both nations possess nukes and were waiving around threats regularly.  Pakistan hoped to draw Indian forces into their tribal area and then Afghanistan -- particularly, the Hindu Kush (BTW, Hindu Kush means killer of the Hindus). Al Qaeda was assisting the Talib in their struggle against the northern alliance.  We sent a request to the Talib to eject al Qaeda from Afghanistan.  If that were honored the Talib would still be in power.  Our objective was to destroy al Qaeda, not the local Talib religious nutjobs.

that's great, dire.. now, what part of that pertains to any of the discussion at hand? what you're talking about was around a decade later.

Back on ignore, he goes. Failure to make any contributions beyond same old rants and complete misunderstanding of the subject.  Not wasting anymore of my time.

typical t-bagger; dire puts sources of critical information on "ignore". Ever wonder why you are the least informed dire? Ole squirrely dire always on trajectory to any subject from his magazine of ignorance. LOL

It's a good thing that Jefferson is considered a Democrat or crash would have used a few degrees of association to link the Barbary pirates to ISIS and Syria and Iraq.

funny how the republicans want to rewrite history.. but never took the time to learn the truth.. just make it up as you go. and i'm sure the pirates of the caribbean are all OBAMA'S FAULT.

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