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Both Clemson and Alabama had the situation where they had two very competent and capable quarterbacks.  Both had a situation where the one that was thought to be the starter was to take a back seat to a new up and coming star.  Both backups had two totally different reactions to losing or not getting the starting job.    

Jalen Hurts has been nothing but spectacular in the way he has handled being in the backup position and has totally supported not only Tua but has also put the team first.  Kelly Bryant has chosen to transfer away from Clemson and calls the decision to not put him as the starter a "slap in the face".  

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

Original Post
It is a slap in the face, when top ten collegiate football combatants
perform on one of the most competitive stages in the world it's no
longer a simple game.  Since they were six years old they've fought
for the starting lineup.
The humble Jalen Hurts has been humbled further and just maybe
his strategy has taken a different direction. The coaches love this
kind of problem but will still ask a habitual competitor to be more
understanding, good luck with that and the slap in the face leaves a
scar that an attempted slap back at the coach can bring a little relief
while he dams the torpedoes-------- 

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