No. A definitive time has never been given. However, Comedy Central teased the segment a dozen times Sunday night saying "all week"

No matter, Colbert Report is one of the very few shows I watch regularly I am sure to catch it. I am leary of the angle they will take post-editing. I have a feeling that this segment will not put a really positive light on Tuscumbia.....hope I am wrong.
It was pretty cool, wasn't it? They got some really nice shots of the area including that fantastic shot of O'Neal Bridge. I did notice litter on the street when the reporter got out of his car - ouch!

I can't wait to see tonight's segment as well.

Do you think the woman at the Keller Museum was in on the joke? Surely she was!
I would hope she was in on the joke! They kinda filled everyone one in I think on what they were looking for. At least the day they shot the parade/crowd/opening/closing. LOTS of folks there that day.

I didn't see the litter, but, I'm not surprised. Unfortunately, there seems to be some folks who think the world is their trash can. But, that another topic.
The Helen Keller House's curator was certain to have been in on the joke.

However, knowing the role and mission of the museum, it would not have been appropriate for her to have permitted the degradation vis a vis the joke he wanted to, and eventually did, tell.

You notice that the closing scene for that segment made the viewers believe he was thrown out 'on his ear' after having told the joke in a circuitous fashion.
How can you TIVO the show??? The goons at Comcast have moved Comedy Central to another station and TIVO hasn't caught up with the schedule change. I can't record anything on Comedy Central anymore and can't get help from Comcast or from TIVO. Both of them blame the other.

Originally posted by Domino:
I've set my Tivo to record it all week so hopefully I'll catch it.
Last nights episode was great too. Did anyone read today's article. They are already getting phone calls about the area to come and visit! Great!

Oh, yeah, and that tall, long haired guy wearing a black shirt with a Ford Pinto on it (in the crowd scene, jumping up and down) is one of my pride and joys. He had a blast that day.
I'm about ready to. I'm paying over 100 because I have the premium channels and the high speed. I tried high speed for 19.99 a month. they tried to charge me full price the first month and i had to call them. This has happened to me before. If it wasn't for the high speed I would have already switched.

Originally posted by Domino:
InTheRed, I would ditch Comcast and get Direct Tv. You'll get far more channels for the same price and they don't move channels around on you.

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