Colorado And Wyoming FM Radio Stations Received In Florence, AL 7/12/16

Yesterday I received at least 9 stations out of Colorado and 1 station out of Wyoming in Florence, AL. All 10 stations were received during the 4:15 PM - 5:40 PM CDT Time Frame. Here is a list of the stations that were received along with videos of me receiving them. No copyright infringement is intended when posting these videos. I do not own the content the radio stations were broadcasting. The videos should be available for download for the next 30 days.

92.1 KTHN La Junta, CO: Video Posted At Bottom
Second Video Posted At Bottom
94.7 KRKS-FM Lafayette, CO: Video Posted At Bottom


Videos (3)
KTHN 92.1
KLMR-FM 93.5 2
KRKS-FM 94.7
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Strange things happen with radio propagation and given the frequencies of FM broadcast and the fact that with FM radio that the strongest signal captures the receiver rather than sharing with competing stations that was quite a feat and I doubt will happen routinely.

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