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I thought this topic might be useful and hopefully beneficial to many of the forum members.  I don't know that anyone can be too safe and so I wanted to create a place where people/members could share some ideas or information that may be helpful to other members.  We have so much conflict on here on Religion boards and Politics that hopefully we can find a great use for the forum and that is to possibly save others from harm or injury.  I'll start it off with one comment that I believe is overlooked by many and I can't understand why more don't get injured by doing this.

People who fill gas cans incorrectly or fill incorrect, non-approved, containers.  This time of year lots of people go to the gas pumps and fill up their gas cans for mowing the yard or cleaning with power washers or for other small engine purposes.  One very dangerous thing I've personally seen someone do is to fill up a gas can or container without placing it on the ground.  I've seen people fill up their fuel can while it's on the back of a pickup bed and even worse with it in the trunk of their car.  Because of the extreme likelihood of creating an explosion from gas fumes being lit by simple static electricity any fuel container that is filled should be placed solidly on the ground/pavement/concrete or pavement.  Care also should be taken when removing the gas nozzle from your vehicle of first grounding yourself to the car body to keep a static spark from happening.  

Always remove gas containers from the trunk or pickup truck bed and place on the ground to fill them and please no smoking (if you do).  So many thing should be common sense but so many often are overlooked because people get away with it.  

Also, this time of year, while cutting grass or trimming hedges please be aware of your surroundings and look them over before you trim/cut.  I've seen snakes work their way around the base of bushes/hedges and the last thing you want is for one of these creatures to take exception to your trimming or to bite you.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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