I had a 10 or 12 year old computer that had been hooked up on some unsecured motel wifi at every TVA power plant location. It had problems, It  wouldn't let me upgrade the virus programs or the spyware programs, at times it seemed to have a mind of its own. I decided to buy a new one. I got a $350 dollar laptop. I did not activate the McAvee virus program. I down loaded one off line. I paid 30 or 40 bucks for it. The computer got to acting odd. It was slow and a lot of times when I left clicked on something, it would hiss at me before doing what I asked. I ran a virus scan, it scanned 60,000 files. There was no reason there should be that many files on it. I took it to a computer shop and told them that something was wrong with it. They checked it, charged 80 bucks and it wasn't fixed. The virus program I bought was uninstalled and their program was on it. They would activate it as soon as I signed a contract for $15 per month. This was a 350 dollar computer and I was not gonna pay $180 per year for a virus program. I brought it home, activated the Macavee program, paid extra to get spyware and malware included, ran a scan and the number of files is down to 40,000. What is in my computer.

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Well I don't know about your files total, but Windows itself and it's file allocation table and all the things that comes installed on your PC will constitute a lot of dang files.   But I'd suggest installing those programs I mentioned, especially MBAM - it will pick up on malware that a standard virus scan won't.

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I have consistently ran three programs for years.  I have rarely had issues.  All are free.   I run Avast free version Virus Scan, Malware Bytes Anti Malware and Ccleaner.

I TOTALLY agree regarding these three free programs.  In fact I have been so impressed with the performance of Malwarebytes that I actually purchased their full program.  It was under $30.00 for the annual subscription but it's found problems on my (Window's 10) computer that other programs missed.   The hardest to get rid of was a piece of malware that hijacked my browser and then every time a search was performed would insert someone's id and their chosen search engine so that they would be credited for a search hit thereby earning them some money via the Hijacking malware on my computer but it also slowed it down.   Malwarebytes was the only malware program that actually caught, identified, and got rid of this. 

I might also say I've had good luck with iObit software but it is a competitor to Malwarebytes and does the same thing but Malwarebytes will identify anything from iObit as potentially unwanted programs and seeks to quarantine it.  I've wondered about this and if it's just one malware program trying to get rid of a competitor or if there was some really good reason it flagged it. 

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My mac works great!����

So does my Mac (hope I don't jinx it) but rather I was talking about a Windows 10, 2 in 1, YOGA 900 laptop computer that I often use because it's so much smaller and lighter than my Apple 17" MacBook Pro which I, infinitely, prefer over the Window's computer.  If I had it to do over I would most likely have not purchased the Window's 2 in 1 laptop even though it's 2 in 1 features, touchscreen, and fast SSD Hard Drive.  I'd rather have waited on the newer MacBook Pro 13" models but there are other problems I have with the new 13" MacBook Pros such as their elimination of certain ports and tying you to one choice.

I have one other HUGE ... (no ENORMOUS) gripe with the Windows 2 in 1 laptop with the touch screen and that is that I have lost countless numbers of post due to an inherent (Windows 2 in 1 computers problem) where the computer will (while the user is typing) move the cursor insertion point around, without you knowing, resulting in typing where you don't mean to type or accidentally selecting text then overtyping it without warning or knowledge of the user. 

Aside from other problems (I have) with the Windows Computer it's the size, weight, and convenience of the laptop that keeps me coming back to it even with the risk and annoyances that come along with it.  IF my finances ever allow it I will most certainly go back to being an all Mac household because I just love the Mac system to much better along with the applications that that work with the Apple system and for those Windows programs that I just can't do without I can use Parallels or another emulator app to run the Windows program under and in the Mac environment. 

I've read on other boards where other 2 in 1 type computers, with the touch screens, also have the same problem with erratic things like the cursor  jumping around and where paragraphs are at times highlighted and then typed over without any notice at all.  I believe, because of that, the problem resides within the Window's 10 OS rather than the individual computer.  Just an opinion mind you.  I do know I've lost many replies on this forum to the problem so quite possibly the problem has saved a lot of grief in addition to creating some (grief that is ... on my part).

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