Like half the population, I was born female. As a married adult, I became a mother – a feat no man has ever accomplished. So I’ve never doubted my membership in the global sisterhood – although now it’s being questioned on political grounds.

More and more, women on the left are telling me and millions of women like me that to be “real” women we have to embrace the Democratic Party, hate President Trump, support abortion on demand, and believe that a woman must always be telling the truth when she accuses a man of sexual misconduct (unless that man is a Democrat, of course).

Failure to embrace these positions makes us traitors to our sex, we are told – female Benedict Arnolds, slavishly obeying the commands of our husbands or other men because we’re too stupid and weak to think for ourselves.

The feminists are at it again as they spout the nonsensical view that being a woman is more about ideology than biology.

Our gender is a part of who we are, obviously – but it’s our conscience, our life experience and our individual voice that guide each of us. We will not go where justice, reason and the rule of law do not take us.

We saw this last Sunday with singer and now great political thinker Taylor Swift’s angry denunciation of Marsha Blackburn, a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Tennessee.

"As much as I have in the past and would like to continue voting for women in office, I cannot support Marsha Blackburn," Swift said in a post on Instagram, where she has 112 million followers. "Her voting record in Congress appalls and terrifies me."

So Swift has thrown her support to Democrat Phil Bredesen. She says his positions are more to her liking on issues of particular importance to women, despite him being a man. It seems sisterhood is powerful – but not all that powerful for Swift.

And a New York Times op-ed written by Alexis Grenell and published last weekend declares that white women who support President Trump are Public Enemy No. 1. According to the author, we put our white privilege ahead of our gender, and we’re the women who are the most frightening to her.

Women who voted for Donald Trump are not sheep. We don’t blindly follow a patriarchy nor do we blindly follow the same set of chromosomes.<br> 

Grenell calls the female Republican senators who voted last Saturday to confirm now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court “gender traitors” who have “made standing by the patriarchy a full-time job.”

And of course, Grenell traces the behavior of gender traitors back to the 2016 election, where she claims women like me put “racial privilege ahead of their second-class gender status.”  Gee, what other explanation could we possibly have had for not voting for Hillary Clinton? (And last time I checked Hillary was white, so couldn’t we have propped up our “whiteness” – whatever that is – and still voted for our gender?)

Grenell clearly knows much less about women who voted for President Trump than she thinks she does. Count me among the many women who support other women by choosing justice over gender.

In the particular instance of the Democrats’ search and destroy mission against Kavanaugh, fair-minded women seeking justice were also looking out for three other forgotten females in this story – Kavanaugh’s wife and two daughters. The champions of womanhood who so angrily denounced Kavanaugh because of an uncorroborated claim that he committed sexual assault in high school – an allegation he swore is false – weren’t interested in the suffering they inflicted on his wife and daughters.

Grenell and other like-minded, self-righteous women have firmly planted themselves in single-lane identity politics and sanctimoniously attempted to eviscerate and shut down other women who don’t follow their lead. They’re lashing out at women, accusing them of blindly following men, all while expecting us to blindly follow other women with “politically correct” views.

This bullying and propaganda are laughable from women claiming to fight for “women’s rights.” Many of these same women – if they are old enough – went stone cold silent when Juanita Broaddrick alleged that former President Bill Clinton raped her, providing specific allegations that included minute details and contemporaneous corroboration.

And even though President Clinton admitted to sexual misconduct with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, Democratic women were quick to rush to his defense, fighting against Republican efforts to remove him from office.

"The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" writer Ariel Dumas exposed the highly orchestrated character assassination on Kavanaugh for the hit job it was on Saturday when she tweeted: “Whatever happens, I'm just glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh's life.”

The next day Dumas attempted to walk her tweet back by brushing it off as sarcasm.  Nothing to see here. Thanks for clarifying.

Grenell talks a lot about female privilege and pedestals but conveniently fails to mention the pedestal planted in liberal female privilege.

This is a pedestal where liberal women feel justified screaming in senators’ faces, harassing members of Congress in restaurants, chasing senators down in airports as they’re going into the bathroom, and openly admitting on Twitter to trying to destroy a man’s life.

It’s a self-appointed pedestal of entitlement and privilege advanced by feminist propaganda.

You don’t hear very much about the supposed “privileged” pro-Trump women Grenell talks about because we’re just not as exciting of a news story. There’s no bully pulpit from which we shout our dissent.

We don’t seek out Jerry Springer-style made-for-TV moments. We believe even elected officials have a right to privacy in public bathrooms.

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, gave one of the most thorough and reasoned explanations for voting to confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Grenell complained about having a “rage headache” from being subjected to Collins’ floor speech and her comments about “due process and some other nonsense.”

Due process is not nonsense. It is the foundation of our legal system and protects us all – women as well as men – from unjust prosecution and imprisonment. If we are not presumed innocent until proven guilty, any of us could be thrown into prison tomorrow based on the uncorroborated claim of a single person. America would need to build a lot more prisons.

Collins looks and talks and often votes like … Hillary Clinton. They’re former colleagues, having served in the Senate together. It was expected that Collins would side with gender over justice.

Cue the heads exploding. Someone pass the aspirin.

Women who voted for Donald Trump are not sheep. We don’t blindly follow a patriarchy nor do we blindly follow the same set of chromosomes. 

Our gender is a part of who we are, obviously – but it’s our conscience, our life experience and our individual voice that guide each of us. We will not go where justice, reason and the rule of law do not take us.

Gender should never trump justice.


Lauren DeBellis Appell, a freelance writer in Fairfax, Virginia, was deputy press secretary for then-Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., in his successful 2000 re-election campaign, as well as assistant communications director for the Senate Republican Policy Committee (2001-2003).

CornPop was a “bad dude” who “ran a bunch of bad boys”-Joe Biden


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Isn't it funny that the Democrat policies for almost everything is to punish those people who AREN'T responsible?
Someone is poor? Tax the rich, who had nothing to do with that poverty and, in fact, give people jobs so that they can support themselves without the public paying for welfare – which is better. 
Someone doesn't have healthcare? – Make everyone who does have it pay more in higher rates to cover those that don't.
Someone does something evil with a gun? – Take away everyone else's rights.
Incompetent teachers and schools – punish the students and families and rob them of real learning and throw more money to the teachers unions.
Explaining increasing violent crime – punish Law Enforcement and then release the criminals.
Running a corrupt and flawed candidate for President – and losing. Must be the fault of the Deplorables – so let's change the election system and rules so they have no voice.
Government refuses to have a balanced budget and live within their means – Citizens must not be paying enough taxes to suit us, so print more counterfeit paper and vote ourselves a raise in pay for that failure.

Leftist Democrat women thought we should elect a President who calls people she doesn't like 'deplorables' and who personally led the coordinated effort to destroy the women her husband sexually assaulted. To liberal leftists, that is Presidential behavior. . . and you know who these filthy haters are . . .

To think that leftists care about women for any reason other than political gain is complete fantasy.

The reason for all this whining and hate from Democrats is simple - - When you have your convention rigged ... and you have your debates rigged ... and you have your polls rigged ... and your pals in media say you can't possibly lose ... AND THEN YOU LOSE TO A BUNCH OF DEPLORABLES............NO !!!! You will NEVER, EVER live that down and get over it.... And the longest temper tantrum in this country's history continues...

In order to understand the leftist/progressive democrat mind set, we must first acknowledge that over-educated underachievers who regard themselves as truly superior in every way to the “ordinary” working people known as the Deplorables, arrogantly condescends to allow these “common” people to live under their superiority. Even though these 'elite eggheads' have seldom accomplished any practical and useful ideas that benefit us, they want our adoration and admission that ONLY THEY are able to solve the problems which they identify as 'hindering the progress of mankind.' These people consider themselves as the 'Best and Brightest' and thus deserving of our approval. The media wants validation that their entry into the elevated echelon of the intellectual elite is made possible by echoing the agenda of the social justice warriors and vilifying anybody who disagrees. They have now given up the idea of winning over their opponents, and now are figuring out how to keep us from voting against them.


simply,   conservative voters tend to be strong in common sense.... I will give it to democrats they tend to have higher education, read a lot,,  however they don't have the sense to figure out if what they read is true, thus often follow the wrong people and things

Entirely depends on what the Dems read, also study after study have
shown Dems are less informed on world, political and historical matters-- 
Harvard is now going to unleash the unqualified because of a
skin color over the future of a qualified country, not to worry
because it has already slipped to the bottom of the global barrel--  

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