What's wrong with you people? Have you no self respect? 

Although most feel that Trump’s comments are disgusting and degrading towards women, theWomen4Trump Facebook group disagree. “We really love the guy. He tells it like it is. If you don’t take care of yourself and stay beautiful, someone needs to say something. It’s called reality.” READ MORE AT: http://conservativefrontline.c...ite-sexist-comments/



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No different than feminist turning their heads and backs on the women that Bill Clinton raped and abused.  Fact is that Hillary participated and led efforts to destroy these women for nothing less than Bill Clinton choosing them as objects of his own sexual appetite.  What Trump SAID was horrible yes but Hillary and Bill DID things that were horrible, not just said them.   So which is really worse?

The feminist who supported Bill Clinton did so because of the positions he took but in doing so they turned their back on the women that he abused and just because that happened years ago doesn't make it go away.   One difference between Donald Trump, what he said, and Bill Clinton and what he and Hillary did though.  Donald Trump publically apologized and said he was wrong whereas Bill Clinton and Hillary continually, in the face of evidence and testimony of those affected, continue to lie and say they are innocent.

I'm sorry but I think the Clinton's actions far outweigh locker room banter that most all men, at one time or another, participated in themselves.  I suppose though no one here is guilty of ever doing such in their lifetime, no one has made misjudgments or statements of a vulgar nature.  Yes not everyone here is running for President but fact is there has been far worse from others who served as president.  Are we just to forget all the willful indiscretions of John Kennedy who continually kept women on the side, while in the White House and was stopped only by a bullet the day he was shot.   No doubts Nixon had a potty trash mouth for the recordings of him surely proved that.

If you are going to be so quick to disqualify Trump over a private conversation that was revealed only via a hot mic and happened so many years ago then what about Hillary and her actions against the women who Bill abused?  What about her criminal activity and the potential revealing of national security secrets due to her desire to keep things private and from the public with her email server?   What about her obvious lies to the American People about Benghazi and the attacks there and even worse her calling the relatives of those killed at Benghazi liars because they dared to reveal the lies that Clinton told them on the day that their loved ones were brought back for burial?  

If you are going to hold one to accountability then you should hold the other as well.   Should you not?


Conservative women, and men, vote.  I, as a conservative, am offended by the language of Donald Trump, just as I'm sure my conservative [and then Southern Democrat] parents were of Harry Truman.  But if we don't vote for the candidate whose language offends us, then by default we vote for the candidate we feel is unfit.

Trump has been documented making degrading remarks against women.  According to him [though no women have come forward to substantiate / witness], he groped them.  But, if true, he did so and not on company time.

Bill Clinton's exploits were on "company time."  Time the citizens of Arkansas and the US paid for.  Both bad public or private if not consensual but bad even if consensual on public time.  Difference is, you got a private business, you want to pay for whoopee, have at it.  But not so on public time.  Not on our time, not on our dime.

So along comes self-righteous Hillary = the champion of women's and children's rights.  When the battle was brought to her doorstep, what did she do?  Did she wrap her arms around the women her husband defiled while using the position of his office?  Oh hell no.  She knew this serial sexual offender was her ticket to fame.  To where?  Where ever because she knew without him, the world, not even her neighbors, would ever hear of Hillary Rodham.

If ever there was a time she could have "stood by her man like Tammy Wynette" this was it, and she didn't miss a beat instead of not standing by women's rights which she claims she did.  And poor child Chelsea = never mentioned.

In addition to claiming to be a staunch defender of women's rights, what other group does she claim to be a 30 or 40 year defender.  In the last debate we heard it several times = as a wife and grandmother = the children.

Yes, the children.  Forgetting for a moment she defended a child rapist.

Chelsea Clinton just turned Sweet Sixteen 1996 when she learned of her 49 year old daddy leaving his DNA on a 22 year old in the house she and her mother lived. I imagine a lot of women reading this forum are around Chelsea's age.  Men, too.  Can identify with what follows.

Then the cat was out of the bag.  Practically every house Chelsea she had ever shared with her daddy since she was born, her daddy was effin another woman not his wife, not her momma.  And Chelsea's momma knew it and could have taken her away from this dysfunctional environment because, after all Hillary is the champion of children's rights = but she did not.  Hillary brought Chelsea up in this sleaze.  It was Hillary's choice.

Hillary was over her head with the conflict with what she wanted to do [be a political w*h*o*r*e  and what needed to be done with Chelsea] so she writes a book "It takes a Village" which is nothing more than a primer on how to avoid parental responsibility and shove it off on the government.  Trying the identify with single mothers and talk black at the same time.  If you don't think there's a Hillary correlation between the two, google them. 

Those of us who have daughters around Chelsea's age of 36, hopefully have role models because every daughter Chelsea's age d*a*m*n well knows Monica.  Hopefully they don't have fathers who effed other women in their homes.  Don't have mothers who stood by their man if they did.  Vice versus.  The good parent removed the child from the dysfunctional environment.

Hillary = defender of children's and women's rights.  Hillary =  following Michelle's advice  reach high sister.

Hillary = the absolute highest of hypocrisy.

So you see, it's Hillary that makes a moralist such as I vote for the only viable alternative to her.  Boils down to actions speak louder than words.

Republican super moralist have to catch on.  You can reign in Trump ugly talk.  You can an least try.  But if you give it up to Clinton without a fight over what is rather than what could be, y'all are sissy's of the first order.


In my time, I've been around men of many different vocations, different ethnicities, different educations, different geographical regions, different political affiliations, and different religions and I can honestly say many of those men spoke in as bad a way or worse than Trump but never to my knowledge acted out their crude language. I really can't get too worked up over a little locker room language but I do get very p*issed-off  when men actually do treat women as disrespectfully as Bill Clinton did and I really can't vote for a woman who not only looked the other way, but actually aided her predator husband.

I'm not saying that I'm voting for Trump because I like everything he says; I'm voting to prevent Supreme Court justices who think the Constitution is just a malleable suggestion. I want justices who think that there are rights that governments can't strip from me, not justices who think rights are just transitory privileges that can be abrogated because the political winds change directions.


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