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Truthfully Walmart did not prohibit open carry they just asked customers not to open carry. I have never been a open carry fan but It's allowed in some states.  They also will discontinue certain rifle ammo also.   Yes I will carry my business else where, I really only by oil and filters there now so really no change in my families buying habits.

I think that Wal-Mart is considered private property and can establish rules that they consider necessary. If you disobey the rules they can ask you to comply or leave, if you don't leave you can be charged with trespassing.

But they are trying to be nice about it by asking people not to open carry in their store. 

I don't understand the point of open carry, but I don't understand the point of non-alcoholic beer either.

Jack Hammer posted:
For everyone saying they aren't, appox 100 will shop there and it still
doesn't matter either way, helda lap dog boy.

Sometimes, I have pity for you. Most of the time, actually, but then I remember that you do this stuff to yourself. I couldn't care less how many shop at Walmart. It was a jab at Republican's knee jerk reaction to the announcement. 

Just for fun, How many articles have you posted about Hilary being prosecuted, to only be let down again?

Jack Hammer posted:
I have never posted about Helda being prosecuted.
Unlike you I keep up with the news, Comey said she's guilty but I'm
going to let her off the hook. White surpremacy trash like you and all
the others warrants prison but nobody's holding their breath in the 
land of the tree of life.



You can barely make a post without mentioning Hilary. 

You even whine about Hilary in this post.

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