Conservatives Decry Terror Laws' Impact on Refugees
A Colombian nurse living in California who declined to give her name said she was abducted by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) outside Bogota and forced to treat one of their soldiers. She fled Colombia with her daughter in 2000 after her life was threatened in a note to her family. Her asylum request was rejected last year.

"I had no option," she said. "What will happen if I go back? I will be killed. They look for people. They know when they arrive at the airport. They have names."
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When refugees that were fleeing murderous right wing (US supported) military dictatorships and death squads in Latin America in the 80's were denied asylum none of these guys said a word. A couple Hundred Thousand people were murdered.
Now their anti terror and immigration legislation is backfiring as it is turning on our proxies.

FARC is really a guerilla group that has some power, mainly concentrated in certain rural areas. Their support is strong and continues to grow though because of government atrocities and corruption. They are brutal and have been criticized by progressives world wide but the real power of the right wing Government of Urbine that turns a blind eye, (and secretly supports, along with US) the right wing military death squads that are responsible for the largest number of murders in the country and terrorize the population. They kill union leaders, environmentalists, teachers, journalists, mainly outspoken and effective organizers for social change and equality. These right wing death squads operate almost openly. FARC now uses the same tactics against the right but are not as effective and powerful.

The corporate media are always telling us about "Narco Guerillas" but intelligence reports have found the majority of the murders are being committed by the right and the military are behind the drug smuggling, or forces within the military. They have the resources to smuggle drugs. Many times drugs are smuggled through the military because they are close knit and basically have free access. They supervise themselves and are known for corruption.

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