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The coolest thing I ever got was a Tree Tot Family House. It was shaped like a tree and the leaf canopy raised up and there was a little house inside. The dog house was a shrubbery. An elevator in a knothole took the family up and down.

I never did get a Milky the Marvelous Milking Cow. You put a tablet in her water and pumped her tail and she'd "drink" the water out of her water trough. Then you could milk her. The tablet made the water white.

Why I ever thought that would be fun, I'll never know...Man, I wanted one of those things, though!!!
Originally posted by MomsyDearest:
What is the coolest thing you ever got for Christmas when you were a kid?

What is the coolest thing you NEVER got for Chrsitmas?

Well , I wasn't a kid when this happened. I guess I was still considered a kid to my mother no matter how old I was.

The coolest thing I got was a Chocolate Labrador puppy.
(She died 3 years ago at the age of 14 1/2.

The coolest thing I did not ever get was a small house dog.
I was always a big fan of Legos... back in the day , you could get the gazillion piece set and just let your imagination take over and build whatever. Nowadays, all I see are the different individual models that you build. Haven't seen just the "basic" sets anymore. Well, except maybe at an antique store... so I have to say getting a new Lego set was pretty cool to me. Oh, and the Whirly Bird (Verti-bird) helicopter was pretty neat too..
oh I remember the Whirly Bird, had so much fun with it but the coolest thing I remember is the race car and my brother spent hours racing each other for years.

I can't recall ever being disappointed on Christmas because I never got anything...I am sure there was something but I always had something there to take my mind away and enjoyed Christmas.

I do remember sitting on the couch with my brother and sisters and going thru the Sears Catalog and making a very long list each year.
Well, I don't know about coolest, but my favorite was a big Barbie head - you could fix her hair with rollers and put make-up on her AND a Bugs Bunny electric toothbrush (oooooo, ahhhh). Apparently it didn't take much to impress me at the time.

The coolest thing I never got was a ventriloquist dummy, which is what I asked for. What I got was a hand puppet...very disappointing.
The coolest thing I ever got was a red & yellow Fisher Price record player. You could carry it around like a little briefcase. I also got a bunch of Disney storybooks with little 33 1/3 records. My favorite was "Sleeping Beauty".

The worst thing I got was this awful typewriter. It was called an "Easy Touch" but you just about had to have a hammer to press the keys. There was a lot of space between the keys too, so you had to be careful or you'd rip the flesh off of your finger when it went down between the keys. Or you'd have sore fingers from pressing on the keys really hard.

The coolest thing I never got was a Hungry, Hungry Hippos or a Mr. Mouth game! I wanted both of those and never got either of them...
I do remember sitting on the couch with my brother and sisters and going thru the Sears Catalog and making a very long list each year.

No kidding. I remember the "wish book" would come out and we'd be in heaven. I remember the barbie camping set looking soooo cooool. It had saran wrap water and real sand and trees and a mountain in the background....

No, wait. This was before I could read fine print and didn't know all that stuff was props.

I remember always wanting the candy factory so I could make my own candy dots.
Coolest i got----Chatty Cathy in 1963. What an amazing, futuristic doll! ...even if she did have to be whomped every once in a while to unstick her record.

Didn't get----also '63. Eight years old and had to get glasses in the Fall of '63. I hated those glasses...."Ice Blue" cat eyes. The perfect complment to a Toni Honme perm Eeker
So i prayed reaaall hard that i would wake up Christmas morning and have perfect vision. Didn't work Frowner
but it sure would have been cool if it had!

I remember every year Dad taking us kids to the downtown Sears to see the Christmas Toy Window. Every cool toy was displayed and the first night the window was revealed was always a big deal. Kids would be shoulder to shoulder with noses pressed against the window as they drooled and dreamed.
It was the pre-historic version of the Dream Book....LOL

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