Had lunch there Saturday and boy was I sadly dissapointed. Was expecting something like the fish market in B'ham...... Not even in the same ballpark! I've had captain D's that tasted much better. Lackluster is an understatement!
Give them 6 months. Calamari was mostly greasy batter, fried shrimp was cold inside (think it was boiled first! and quite awful. Don't even ask me about the hushpuppies, ULK
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I still haven't tried it but then again I'm cheap and relatively easy to please. I'd go to logans and eat the free rolls and peanuts if they let me.
Welcome to my world. I think it is some of the most horrible food I have ever been served in a restaurant. And, they don't seem to care. If Mr. Robbins would keep his fingers out of everything and allow his very capable chef to do what he knows how to do it would be great but once again, history is repeating itself.
went there several weeks ago and i thought the same thing. our daughter even ordered macaroni, which was hard as a rock, with green beans (there were 5 neatly stacked on the plate). calamari was not good, neither was the fish we had ordered. we will not be returning.
Tha Fish Market in Birmingham has a dedicated, hands-on owner, George Sarris, who goes the limit to assure that his customers will NOT be disappointed. Besides this, George is just one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

A fancy building exterior and a cool, realistic plastic crocodile on your building's roof do nothing to assure the quality of food or service.

I had hopes for something better for Crocodile Ed's, but it looks as though it might be going the same way as several prior restaurant businesses at that location--down the tubes!
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I don't know if it's the owner or the cooks or the managers on duty, maybe a bit of all three but guess I was lucky in that the steak we got was actually very good however that was the only thing I can brag about. I also went to their little tasting feast one Sunday and wasn't that impressed. One of the chef's came out from the back and from my interaction with him it's a good thing he's in the back because he was in no way a people person. Acted too good for anyone or as if he was above everyone else and acted as if he was Royalty and should be honored as such ( everyone does have bad days so maybe it was that but that was the impression I got).

If I was to base my decision to dine there based solely upon interaction with the restaurant employees then I'd be staying away. As for the crowds that are there, it does appear that they have a decent crowd, most of the time, but of all the folks I've talked to and know that have gone there it was a one time trip as they don't plan to go back. Most comment on the quality of the food. I too expect that their time will be limited if something isn't done to turn things around.

I know a lot of capital has been put into the business (both Ed's and Emerald Coast) and I can't imagine the owner not wanting to see it succeed but, as of now, I doubt Ed's makes it through summer unless Eddie just wants a major tax loss write off.
Maybe I'm the only one but I've had a good experience every time I've been there. Its no Fish Market as beternu points out but the food I've gotten has been good.
Been there 3 times, thats giving a place enough of a chance. 2 times the parking lot was full and I thought there would be a wait. I was wrong, the place was half full. I think it was overflow parking from Olive garden.
Croc. Eds does not have a big lot, so it would take some overflow into Olive Garden for the place to be packed, IMO.

I have eaten there a few times and give it a huge thumbs down.

Sad to say, but I don't see it lasting a long time around here. Just my opinion.
Me and my husband have been there twice the food was very good both times, but the service was horrible. Unfortunatly we got the same waiter both times. The first time we did not get to try the bread and I went without tea and the food took forever. The second time our waiter completely forgot our crab claws. I went without tea and the food took twice as long as forever. I hope this problem is the waiter and not the resteraunt, but it sure makes the resturaunt look bad when you are dissatisfied 2 out of 2 times.
it's a clip joint, tiny, tiny portions, at high prices. fast food quality food. it's the worst place i have ever been too. red lobster is much better.
My server was honest and told me sometimes the salad dressings are delishious and sometimes they are horrible - the server knew this but they can't correct the problem. The braised greens are the worst things I have ever put in my mouth. The onion soup is scorched or was at least 3 times. The steaks are terrible and they claimed early on they were voted best in the area - by whom? The first time I had the crab rolls they were the best I have ever eaten, they were never the same again. The muffaletta is cold meat on a toasted roll - nasty.
Someone who recently left a job there tells me they never hear anything but how great it is - the same problem that destroyed all of Mr. Robbins other restaurant venture - please tell the emperor he is naked. The chef there is outstanding but Robbins will not let him do what he does so well.
We finally made it to Ed's for lunch today. I had the saturday lunch special which is Beef Tip Stroganoff, it was excellent and a very generous portion. My husband had the Fried Gulf Shrimp basket. He said it was the best he has had in a long time, but wish there was a little more. The server on the other had left a little to be desired. She did not know the menu very well and never came back to our table until it was time to get the check. We would have liked to have our drinks refilled.
We've had great luck with the quality of the food also but it amazes me that as many complain about the servers that it is allowed to go on. I hear folks at Croc Ed's are reading these forums for feedback so surely they know their servers leave much to be desired.
Maybe you "server" complainers have already met the servers before.
Say, Applebees...Chili's...or any of the other $2 an hour+tips joints.
Where the server was excellent, serving your party of 8...and you left a $5 tip, and felt good about it.
Should you happen to be the only ones in the place, and your server sucked, you would have reason to complain.
Try dealing with the 6 "Church Widows" that show up every Sunday, think they are the only ones being served, complain about everything, then leave $2 on the table.
Try dealing with the late night drunks that show up, then can't remember what they ordered...or blame the server because their food isn't right.
You knew Croc Ed's wouldn't be cheap...and if your food sucked, I'm sure a complaint to the manager would have resulted in a refund, no charge...etc...you know communication works most often.
Did you finish the food, although it was bad? Sounds like it.
So...stick to the establishments you cannot go wrong with. The "feed bag, all-you-can-eat-for one low-price" joints...then watch for, and rush the "bins" when the next food is brought out.
I have been to croc eds many times. A wild guess would say 20. I have had bad service once. Most recent being a couple of weeks ago. Went in early around 11:30. Only me and 2 other people were in there. My waitress(from what I could tell) was only waiting on me. The other people have a different waiter. She was quick with my food, but afterwards, I had to remind her to bring me the braed that comes with the meal. Then, she NEVER came back to refill my drink. A passing manager offered to do it for me. Then right before I left she apologized and said "im so sorry I forgot about you." lol, That was my worst experience. The other times I had excellent service. So it's hard to believe all of these horror stories.
said it before....will say it again...Eddie Robbins needs to stick to what he knows-manufacturing floor covering. His first attempt (Emerald Coast) was a miserable failure. Looks as if Croc. Ed's may meet the same fate. But remember Eddie, like the rest of the Robbins clan, has bottomless pockets. So what's losing a couple of million to any of 'em.
I leave my tip based on the service I receive. Great service gets a great tip. Bad service gets a bad tip. If I have bad service, I complain to the manager. And then usually never go back. We're not all like you think we are and leave a dollar or two. I had a waitress that was working her butt off here in Muscle Shoals, she was covering all the tables with no help what so ever. She kept me and my wife's drinks filled and gave great service. She got 10.00 because I felt she deserved it.
I had a great experience last week at the fish market that's open inside Croc Ed's. It was spotlessly clean with none of that unpleasant odor so common around the seafood counters at most stores, and the woman who waited on me was friendly and helpful. The fish I broiled at home was delicious. I will be going back!
well i have not been to eat here yet and none of these posts makes me want to try it. however my mom has been a few times and said she like it...but we have different tastes so its not looking to good for croc ed's on getting my business. sorry.
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Posted 14 March 2010 11:01 PM
I had a great experience last week at the fish market that's open inside Croc Ed's. It was spotlessly clean with none of that unpleasant odor so common around the seafood counters at most stores, and the woman who waited on me was friendly and helpful. The fish I broiled at home was delicious. I will be going back!


ok.. so there *IS* a seafood market inside the place?
i had heard there was going to be before it opened, and had heard there wasn't after it had.
i don't need another place to get good but not exceptional dinner, i need a place to get fresh seafood.
if this is a possible source for me to be able to grill a nice tuna or swordfish steak, i don't really care if the servers are slow, rude or forgetful Smiler
Yes, they have had one since January. Its on the right as you enter the front door. They sell a WIDE array of things from fresh salmon, tuna, to home made cookies, cakes, tarter sauce and even coffee.
So, after all of the negativity found on the forums about Crocodile Ed's, my husband and I were reluctant about trying them out. However, this evening, we decided to give them a try because we wanted to go somewhere we had not been. I want to let all the "nay-sayers" out there know that we had a great time! Our server was extremely pleasant and checked on us multiple times. The appetizers were great!! My husband got a half dozen raw oysters of which they brought out 8! Then our server came back and apologized for them being small (of which my husband did NOT complain)and gave him another half dozen on the house!! The fried green tomatoes were to die for!! Both our entrees were very good and not lacking in portion size. Overall we were VERY PLEASED not only in the quality of the food but also the experience. We will be back!
Did anyone make it over there for the crawfish boil they had on Thursday? I really wanted to make it but the weather kept me away (even though it cleared up eventually, we had made other plans by that point). If you were there, how was it?

On another note, I ate dinner there last weekend and it was fantastic. I had the Tuna, which was cooked perfectly and the oysters were great as well.

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