Anyone else tried this place? The chicken fingers are awesome.

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Is that the one on Poplar (Cherry St.-I disremember which and the road takes a jog to the right somewhere near there.) in Florence?


Lil' bitty place?

I can't think of the street name either but yea it's in that general area, the building used to be Roy's BBQ and it's next to what used to be the Greyhound Bus station. Looks like they have done a good bit of work at fixing the old place up. The chicken tenders sort of reminded me of the ones from Court St. Cafe & Princetons.

Drove by yesterday to verify location.  It appears to be take-out only.  How are their prices?  What is available along with chicken?

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Drove by yesterday to verify location.  It appears to be take-out only.  How are their prices?  What is available along with chicken?

They have a few tables and a counter to eat at, I don't recall exactly what I paid for the tenders but it was a reasonable price. With mine I had fries & green beans, the beans were good but the fries were perfect (not greasy, they were crispy but not over done). They had other sides and other menu items but I just didn't pay a lot of attention to what they were. I may try something else there at some point but with the chicken tenders being that good I can't see bothering to try anything else anytime soon.  

I gave them a try and I can see where folks would compare their chicken tenders to Princetons and Court Street.  Actually they remind me more of Jack's Chicken Fingers.  Either way they were very good and along with the fries very hot and fresh.  The cost was alright but you can actually get a little better deal at Jacks.  I got the three fingers and fries for right at 4.00 because  I didn't want to get the Chicken Finger plate at 9.00 for lunch even though it came with two sides.


As for the tenders being like Court Street, or Princetons, I think they (chicken fingers) lacked the amount of batter that Court Street put on theirs.  That's one thing about Court Streets tenders they always had lots of thick batter around the chicken tender.  Still I would recommend the place to anyone looking for good food.


You're right that the dinner is too much for lunch, they need a lunch portion. I didn't even count how many tenders they had on the plate but I couldn't finish all of it and when I got back to work I was so stuffed that I closed my office door and slept the rest of the day. There was actually plenty of food on the plate for two people to share.

They have two booths that seat four each and two bars that seat three each. They have a chicken snack with just fries. Can't think what I paid, but I thought it was reasonable. It was pretty full for around 2:00 p.m.


The fries looked like Jack's--which I hate, but when I tasted them the seasoning was different, much better. The tenders were so-so, but it may have been the time of day. Very clean location.


They will deliver if your order is over 25.00.


Roy's was there all during the 90s, and Sassy's Wings was there for a few months...maybe just two, never got to try them. Not sure what is across the street now, but the whole area was busy when I was there. Hope they make it.


(Their special the day I was there was tilapia, so they apparently have quite a few items.)

I had the dinner with mashed potatoes and green beans.  The tenders were good - I wouldn't call them the best in town - the mash potatoes were excellent, and the beans were seasoned a little differently than I'm used to, but were good also. The chicken tenders weren't seasoned, but they did come with a nice honey-mustard sauce that was neither too sweet, nor too spicy.


Place looks clean.  I had quick service, and the chicken tenders were cooked to order, hadn't been sitting under a heat lamp.

Just stopped there today for lunch.  I got the black and blue burger and it was AWESOME!!  I had the onion rings as a side and they were great as well.  The burger was not overdone and the seasonings on the burger were just right.  I will be eating there more often!

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