Cypress Creek Indoor Range brings a much needed attraction to the Shoals area

Cypress Creek Indoor Range web page. &. Cypress Creek indoor range facebook.  

Cypress Creek Indoor Range is a very nice addition to the Shoals area and isn't just a second thought offering of an indoor range.  Cypress Creek is a very elaborate and very well thought out indoor shooting range and provides Shoals area shooters a safe place to sight in their weapons or practice shooting with a clean and family friendly atmosphere where you could bring and involve the whole family.  Lots of shooting ranges are not well thought out and others are dirtier and not so attractive places.  Another advantage of the indoor shooting range, although it is not highlighted on their web pages, is that they are offering monthly memberships which are $40.00 for singles and $60.00 for families and that enables the member (or family members 26 years old or younger) to shoot as many times that month for the one fee so it enables the member to not be hurried and they can enjoy their hobby.

Ear, and eye, safety protection is required and they have the protection that can be rented very reasonably as well.  In addition to having everything you need to practice and hone your shooting skills they also have guns you can rent by the hour or they have a shoot before you buy policy that enables you to make sure that the gun you think you want is the one that you are comfortable with and is the one you want.  I know that many people don't like guns or a shooting environment but if someone is curious and wants to find a place to shoot, in the area, now we have a choice.  

There is also a Muscle Shoals Trap & Skeet range in the area but I haven't been to it yet.  The best one I have ever seen was when I lived in Chattanooga but at least we have one available.  Muscle Shoals Trap & Skeet Club also. Info on Muscle Shoals Trap & Skeet club and Amateur Trapshooting info on Muscle Shoals club. I'm encouraged that they have a lighted field also and 3 skeet positions as well as 4 trap.   Many don't know the difference between Skeet shooting ( where the targets proceed across from you left to right or right to left and you generally use an improved cylinder or skeet choke)  and Trap Shooting (where the clay targets go out from you and you use a moderate to full choke gun).   Visual indication of Trap vs Skeet shooting. <- Link that shows visual   Doublehead resort also has a Trap range Doublehead 5 Stand. Also, most ranges want you to limit your shot size from 7 1/2, 8, or 9 shot size and avoid using anything size 6 shot or larger.

Like golf Trap & Skeet shooting, as a hobby is on the more expensive side since you are paying for clay targets, range time, and shells but I remember that I enjoyed it and it is a challenging hobby.  I'd love to hear if anyone has ever been to the Muscle Shoals range as to how nice it is and what the cost are.  I don't believe there is a standard clubhouse where you can buy materials and rent weapons to use but I could be wrong about that.

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direstraits posted:

I've used the range, once, and was impressed.  Probably won't join, but will visit about twice monthly. 

At their current Monthly rate if you were to go and pay for two hours worth of range time then you will have paid the exact same amount as a monthly membership, provided we are talking about single membership.  

Range rental time = $20/hr and One month of unlimited time (for that month paid for) $40/monthly membership.    

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