Man! I wish I could read them. I can't make out the small type. Plus I don't speak Spanish. Does anyone speak Spanish and can give us the gist of what these flyers are promoting? What's does that one about Jesus say (JesuCristo)? You can copy/paste and enlarge them.
I feel that you are right on target on this issue. Mexico is slowly taking over our country. If we think it's bad here in north Alabama just think how much worse it is in Texas,New Mexico, Arizona ect. The laws we have in place need to be inforced and new immigration polices need to be looked at. English needs to be the offical language of the U.S. I have grown tired of seeing spainish signs, and hearing spanish spoken by these so called legal immigrents. RISE UP AMERICA!!!
Originally posted by mustangfan2003:
if they put this much effort in their home country the goverment would have been overthrown by now.

That's exactly why the Mexican government wants the borders to stay open and why they actually help people cross over.
No, I didn't mean you, Brent. I mean we users. I copy/pasted them into Microsoft Word and enlarged them...can't too much or it gets fuzzy. But, since I can't read Spanish, I can't make heads or tails of them. My friend is out of town (teaches Spanish), but I'll get her to translate for me when she gets back.

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