We recently acquired a lovely virus that shut our computer down. Getting Dell to fix the problem was an utter nightmare! They fixed the problem, sort of, but lost all our information. They never found it. It only required a minimum of 10 hours on the phone with folks whose "English" we could barely understand and all for the bargain price of $383! Do yourselves a favor guys...buy another brand. We certainly wish WE had! Roll Eyes
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I prefer to buy the parts locally and assemble my own. And they still stand behind them, the parts that is. Keep all of your personal data on another hard drive, that way when u do get a virus or another problem, you can just delete your windows and reinstall and start clean. And you stil have all of your personal items on the other drive. Hope this helps someone.
Sorry to hear about your trouble with Dell. It sounds like they need some major improvement in customer service. I don't really think its the brand of computer that is the problem. A virus can wipe out the best of them if someone doesn't know how get rid of it.

I caught a nasty virus off of facebook about a month ago and took it to ICS in Florence, that I couldn't get rid of. They fixed it fairly quick and the price was reasonable.

On a side note you can understand what they are saying to you. Smiler
I learned a couple things in a previous life. When prompted for English or Spanish, choose Spanish and ask the operator for an English speaking person. It is much easier to understand someone who at learned to speak English in North America.

Second, if you know someone who personally knows Michael Dell and send your complaint through them, you'll get a free replacement and a great appology letter ASAP.
I wonder why you would go to Dell to fix a virus. That isn't something that would be a part of any warranty. You could have got a local computer guy to fix it for $40.

I'd be willing to bet you didn't have up to date anti virus on the computer. I've seen it more times that I can count.
Thanks for all the great feedback guys. It was definitely a lesson learned! I wished I knew all this a month ago. Mr. Clean, I bet we had the same virus. The guy said it was from Facebook. I guess my complaint really isn't with the quality of the equipment, but with the customer service!
We buy most of our computers from Dell and when going through the build options they do offer pretty good parts at a somewhat reasonable price.
Their customer service could be a lot better. I have spent countless hours on the phone with tech support. My complaint is not that tech support is out of India as they are not difficult to understand but more with the long hold times and getting passed from one person to another.
I have been the owner of my Dell Computer for the past 4 years. I purchased the extended warranty, etc, had the programs i wanted installed when i ordered it and everything was fine. Had minor problems but after using intepeter on a couple of occasions, i had no complaints. However about 6 months ago; i had some major problems. It was not diagnosed as a virus but what ever it was; it shut me down completely. I called Dell tech and was told that they would restore computer to the last day it worked. This was done and for about 3 hours, things were fine. Then it happened again. I had enough for 1 day. Next morning I called Dell and spoke to Aman jubal mohammed; (also known as hubert. He said no problem; i will restore it back to day of no problems. WRONG!!He restored my computer to day 1. I had brand new computer with nothing. Lost everything, files, pictures, and I can't remmber what else. I know now back up the back-up and then save it some more. DELL was not very helpful nor did they offer anything except to say you lost it all and it is your fault. I now refuse to speak to tech that i cannot understand. Sometimes help is not what it should be.
Had a Dell in college. When I called for tech support on a warranty issue -- was told that not even Michael Dell himself could get a computer repaired after the warranty expired without paying for it. Apparently the woman thought that would make me happy to know -- it just made me realize what idiots they had working for them. Got a computer from Office Depot -- an hp -- and used it til it died several years ago. Got one at Best Buy last year and bought the Geek Squad with it -- absolutely love it!

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