Democratic Majority and our future

With a new year and a new congress comes a new attempt for amnesty. The usual suspects in the Senate--John McCain and Ted Kennedy -- are planning on pushing through legislation in the spring with their friends Louis Gutierrez and Jeff Flake in the House. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said "comprehensive immigration reform" will be among the first ten bills he introduces, and Democratic Majority leader Steny Hoyer says that President Bush will have an "easier time" getting amnesty with the Democrats than with his own party.

I guess the Democrats only want to control Congress for one term!

The open borders folks are hoping to sneak the legislation past without anyone noticing, and this is where you come in. As soon as an amnesty gets introduced, I will let you know, and we will not let up until we stop them.

With Democrats embracing open borders, you would think the Republicans would take this as an opportunity to seize up on a popular issue, but the leaders are doing just the opposite. As I told you earlier, Mel Martinez has been nominated as chairman of the Republican National Committee chair. They will be voting on him next week. Martinez has a terrible record on securing our borders and was one of the sponsors of the Senate Amnesty last year.

The leaders of the state parties will vote on his nomination on January 20th. Go to and click on your state to contact your party and tell them that they should not be putting a pro-amnesty politician in charge of the party if they want your support. If you get any junk mail from the GOP asking for your money, tell them they won't get a dime until they get serious about securing their borders.

Thanks for your support.
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