Looks like the Democrats continue to be the party of inclusion, while the Republicans continue to the the party of exclusion.

If people who claim no religious affiliation are the largest and fasted growing 'religious' group in the U.S., then this may be a smart political strategy.  I don't think most of the 'non's' the Democrats are targeting with this policy are actually non-religious.  Instead, most probably are Christian but do not affiliate with any particular denomination because of the exclusionary tendencies traditional Christian denominations display. 

Being an atheist, this new strategy still does not mean I'm voting Democrat.  I still want to see who they nominate, but the prospects for be voting for the Democrat candidate are looking slimmer than ever.   I voted for Johnson in the 2016 election because I didn't like Trump (still don't) and refused to vote for Clinton. 

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I didn't vote in 2016. I didn't like trump or clinton. Alabama was going to go for trump anyway, and probably will in 2020. I refuse to vote republican because they are more and more becoming the party of exclusion.  The democratic party looks more like what America really is(that includes evangelicals).

The republican party has tied itself to religion and, to some voters, identity. When that happens, some people turn off their critical thinking. It's like peer pressure. 

I don't know anyone whose had an abortion.  Why should I make that the single issue I vote for?

I don't know any muslims.  Why should islam/sharia law or whatever else factor into my vote?

Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore? I don't live there. 

aoc, omar, tlaib?  There not my representatives.

That's what the republican party is about nowadays.  Keep the base focused on things that aren't relevant to our everyday lives. To be fair, I don't fully support everything the dems stand for.  For instance, I don't really care what bathroom a transgender person uses.  I don't know any transgender people.  I've seen a few, but the way they live their lives doesn't  change the way I live mine.

However, when I here republicans talk about being "strict constitutionalists" or "originalists", then my ears perk up because I get the feeling they want to take people's rights away.  That's why I don't trust many republicans.


Support Democracy.

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