In 2018 in the midst of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax the Democrat Party held a ten point favorability average over the Republican party — 53-43.

This was due to the constant drumbeat of the liberal fake news media smearing Trump on a daily basis on his non-existent connections to Vladimir Putin and the Russian regime.

It worked!
Democrats won the midterm elections, with the help of the media and tech giants, and retook the House of representatives.

 But now after eight months of liberal insanity with promises to take your guns and cheeseburgers, an unhealty mix of anti-Semitism and annihilation of the economy Democrats have lost their party advantage.

New York Times writer David Leonhardt appears a bit panicked.

David Leonhardt

A year ago - in the midst of the midterm campaign - Americans viewed the Democratic Party more favorably than the Republican Party. No longer.

It's time for Democrats to stop messing around with unpopular technocratic ideas. Focus on beating Trump. 

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America is Still Free to a Fault

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