Democrats are quivering, with fear, in their boots.

The thing that Obama did with the Auto Industry was not to bail them out but the Government BOUGHT General Motors and then appointed a person, government appointment by Obama Administration, that would dictate what GM had to do after being bought out.  From that we saw Saturn, Hummer, and Pontiac disappear all together.  As for the price that Chrysler/Dodge had to pay that was the loss or forfeit of many dealerships, many owned by Republican donors but people that were independent business owners that found that Chrysler (the Government, aka Obama) said they could not longer sell Chryslers and Dodges. 

GM did later pay back part of the loan/buyout/(Government money) but the amount they repaid was far less than the original amount spent out by taxpayers or so I've been told so I'm not 100% sure of that statement.  The deal though was more of a benefit to the Unions than shareholders (aka citizens), so I don't know that saving the Auto industry is appropriate as was mentioned before FORD chose to reject the Government money which came with Government/Obama stipulations and requirements (as mentioned before elimination of Pontiac/Saturn/Hummer and many (previously) independently owned Chrysler dealerships.  Not a good deal but salvation of the Unions benefits and pension fund given that if GM and/or Chrysler had gone Bankrupt, as most businesses would do, then the Union negotiated strangulations that had been negotiated which most likely led to GM & Chrysler getting into financial trouble in the first place.  So the Unions are the ones who made out like a bandit along with continuing to insure large Democratic Union donations would continue.

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Remember Obama's cash for clunkers fiasco and what that mess cost taxpayers?

Funny, you don't hear the demoslops talking about that one.

All that did was distort the used car market. People with low income had to pay more for a lower supply of used cars. Plus, as the old cars were bought, they went to be immediately crushed, instead of to a junkyard to supply cheap spare parts. Pulled many a part off old cars to keep mine running.

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