Thankfully not many people have personally been involved with an animal that is in the last stages of its life as it goes insane due to being rabid.  Rabies is a deadly thing to humans if not treated but the reactions that Democrats and liberals are having to anything and anyone Trump, these days, cannot be overstated and is very much akin to the insanity observed in the last stages of a rabid animal.  

There is no longer a functioning government when it comes to anything controlled by the Democrats for all they can focus on is trying to remove Trump from office and to find some way to keep him from running on the ticket this year due to fears that they cannot beat him.  The news doesn't seem to care to cover many of these deranged and insane people such as the young man who drove his car into a tent where Republicans were they were signing up new voters.  

There is no rational thought processes going on and these people are literally falling apart before the nation and many times live on TV as with Pelosi tearing up the copy of the President's State of the Union Speech.  IF it had been a Republican doing that to Obama there would have been an uproar across the media calling for their resignation but in addition to derangement to the point of insanity, there is also hypocrisy to the point of absurdity.  The only thing more unbelievable is the blind allegiance so many have to follow these people of the cliff they are walking along.  

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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The RNC should fight the ongoing BS coup with fire, or rather
Marital Law and extent it for about five years. Might be the only
way to create badly needed laws for health care, voter registration
and ID renewal, late term murder, speed up the border wall project,
find out why we still make pennies and make it illegal for any other
judicial system contrary to the US Constitution and laws of a foreign
Counrty to be used in America.... I know there're more examples in
other areas. 

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