Democrats Collude With Foreign Nation In US Elections

Bernie Sanders and Danny Glover are attempting to persuade France to collude in US elections.   Nissan unionization elections to be specific.

"The actor Danny Glover and Senator Bernie Sanders are preparing to lobby the French government for help in the heated attempt to unionize a Nissan car plant in Mississippi.

The United Auto Workers suffered a historic defeat of the Nissan plant in Canton, Mississippi, this month after a long campaign marred by allegations of bribery and intimidation.

Nissan and France's Renault share a deep alliance, with each company owning shares in the other and sharing a chief executive officer, Carlos Ghosn. The French government owns a close to 20% stake in Renault."

If, not so ironic, this would be a French farce.  BTW, Renaults and Citroens used to be sold in the US.  However, as they can no longer pass US safety and pollution standards.  In France, hundreds of Renaults burst into flames weekly.  OK, its from Molotov cocktails throw by north African youth.  I've joked that hundreds of lives are save annually by such conduct. 




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