Democrats Lie About Tax Law -- IOW Act Normal

You've read the claims that Democrats made about the proposed Republican tax bill.  Guess what, they lied!

WashPo, which is extremely leftwing and hates Trump, gave the Democrats four Pinocchios for their claims.  For those unfamiliar with this scale, four Pinnocchios equals two Obamas, or one big Hillary.  


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SirWasabi posted:

Coal Ceo Robert Murry says 'Senate Tax Bill will wipe out the coal industry. If enacted by Trump, it will destroy thousands of coal mining jobs'.
I bet those coal miners wish they could change their votes, today.

They are working now, hilda told them she will put all of them
out of work, they can fix the tax bill and none of the miners
would change their vote anyway, stupid is as stupid talks, you
should work for MSNBC.

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