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Other Democrats distance themselves from Pelosi on additional troop funding
AP - 1/7/2007 2:24 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) _ Some of the other leading Democrats in Congress aren't ready to echo House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's suggestion that lawmakers might hold up funding for additional troops in Iraq.

On CBS's ''Face the Nation'' today, Pelosi said Democrats won't cut off money for those troops already in Iraq -- but that President Bush would have to ''justify any additional resources.'' The comment comes as Bush puts the finishing touches on a plan that could put thousands of additional U.S. troops in Iraq in an effort to stem the sectarian violence.

But Pelosi's second-in-command in the House Democratic leadership, Steny Hoyer, told Fox News he doesn't ''want to anticipate'' that possibility. And the Democrat who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Joe Biden, says Congress doesn't have the power to second-guess Bush's military strategy -- because lawmakers had voted to authorize him to wage war. Biden appeared on NBC's ''Meet the Press.''

The Senate's top Republican, Mitch McConnell, agreed, telling Fox News that Congress can't ''micro-manage'' the tactics in Iraq.

When asked about Pelosi's remarks, a White House spokesman said Bush welcomes any ideas on Iraq that ''lead to success.''
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I was watching Face the Nation yesterday and what Mrs. Pelosi said was that any additional funding for more troops would have to be justified when they came forward for the funding request. That is called "Oversight". Something the Republicans are not use to doing or having done. Congress is not empowered to manage foreign relations, but they are empowered to provide oversight by controlling the funding levels. The overall concept is called (and are you ready for this?) "Balance of Power". Get use to it.
Btw, try watching something besides Fox News and get the whole picture, not just the Neo-Con Spin on everything.
Originally posted by excelman:
Brentenman, haven't heard form you for a while. Thought you might be back in Iraq shootin' people and having a great time.
I sincerly hope the Dems don't back down on giving Bush a funding bill that requires a time table for being done with this mess. Let Bush refuse to support the troops if he dosn't like it!
You still have not heard from him, I resurrected this thread in light of the funding bill on the floor of Congress at the moment.

As of today the reconciliation committee working on the bill has made the withdrawal timetable non binding, and Bush says he will veto it anyway.

I hope that the Republicans in Congress wake up to the FACT they are not doing their duty. They should be willing to unanimously accept the bill because it provides the funds, does not require withdrawal, and expresses the will of the people, to withdraw.

Bush says he will veto the bill even it it is only advisory on the timetable for withdrawal, because, he thinks the Generals should make the decision. HE FAILS TO MENTION THAT THE GENERALS TAKE THEIR ORDERS FROM BUSH. He is the Commander In Chief. IF CONGRESS TELLS HIM TO TELL THE GENERALS TO GET OUT OF IRAQ, HE IS THE ONE WHO HAS TO TELL THEM. CONGRESS IS NOT ALLOWED TO DO THAT.

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